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Holiday edition

Advent calendar for Booklovers!

While you’re out getting gifts for everyone else, the folks at BrazenBookshelf will send you a daily treat of deals, steals and free books to enjoy.

I've joined with a group of authors along with BrazenBookhself to bring you awesome deals, steals and freebies in a BrazenBookshelf free advent email every day in December until Christmas Day.

If you love Romance then you’ll love the mega list of stories from new and well known authors.

I'll have more news for you later this month, until then, take some time for yourself and enjoy the season. I'll be here, drinking coffee, writing, and hoping for snow.

Happy Holidays!


The Team Fear world

Fabulous news! The Team Fear books are now available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. FMI: Team Fear.

Blogs, articles, and essays

A funny thing about traditions

What do the song "Alice's Restaurant," pot-roast, and a missing pie have in common? How do you establish traditions for your family and what are they? Read the post "A funny thing about traditions."

Frozen Moment Reboot

Have you ever been caught driving in a snowstorm? I have, more often than I like. Here's a story from the winter of  2017: Caught in a whiteout, midway through Kansas, unable to turn back. “In the moment when I came bumper to chest with the stag, I lived in his misty realm.” Read more: "Frozen Moment."

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