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The third quarter of 2019 has seen CityHope dive into several new and unique initiatives. The introduction of the new Clothing Kit has made a significant difference to the impact of the relief that we distribute through various communities across South Africa. 

The Clothing Kit is distributed together with the traditional Hope Kit of food, toiletries and blankets and includes a variety of new and slightly used clothing, evenly spread across all ages and genders. This relief comes as an added benefit for those who have lost all their belongings to fire or floods and are left with nothing more than the clothes on their back.


CityHope has been extremely blessed to have received a few substantial cash donations following the flood disaster that hit KZN earlier this year. This funding has empowered us to support six families across KZN by rebuilding their homes after they were completely washed away. 

We have completed three projects in full and three more are underway. With the financial support received from these donors, we were also able to adopt three schools that were hit hard by the heavy rains and we are partnering with them to get them back on their feet. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to bless so many families and individuals in such an impactful way and we are most grateful for these new partnerships.

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On Thursday, 25 July approximately 300 traders in Pinetown lost their stock to a fire that spread through their storage facilities from the nearby railway line. The following day, CityHope, with the assistance of City Logistics, was able to support the 200 vendors that were present at the arranged distribution by providing each of them with a Hope Kit, a packet of new clothing, a six-pack of toothpastes and some additional meals from Rise Against Hunger. We would like to thank the City Logistics team, who were delighted to be able to support the community alongside us, for generously and voluntarily giving of their time throughout the entire distribution process.

CityHope has also responded to numerous fire disasters, which have wiped out communities in a few hours. View our website to read up on our latest responses.

CityHope Disaster Relief is positioned to help people in need because of the generous donations we receive and the sponsors that we have. All donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way in making a lasting impact in so many lives. 

Below is a list of some of the items that remain on our wish list:

•  1kg Maize Meal              •  1kg Sugar .             • . Tinned Beans

• . Sanitary Pads .              •  Blankets                 •  Toilet Paper 


Mandela Day calls on us all, every day, to make the world a better place. Each year on 18 July we look back on what has been done and forward to what will be done. Thank you to all of our valuable volunteers who dedicated their time towards helping us pack a few hundred Hope Kits on the day.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela


CityHope Disaster Relief currently undertakes all disaster response missions without the use of a company vehicle. The organisation is trying to identify the ideal partner to support us with the purchasing of a utility vehicle to enable us to make a larger impact in our community.

The vehicle will assist with the collection of donations; vetting of disaster situations; implementing of building projects; as well as with the distribution of relief aid to disaster-struck regions across KZN.

The vehicle will be branded with the donor’s branding to ensure maximum exposure and to promote the collaboration between a reputable South African brand and the significant impact made across South Africa by CityHope Disaster Relief.

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