Day Glo A-hole

Who is Ben Passmore?

I really, honestly don't know how this comic landed in my mailbox. It wasn't from a Kickstarter or from my pull list. So, skipping over that mystery let's dive in to what this is all about...

It's post-apocalyptic. It's got a narrator who is very 'meta.' It's got a hero: "No Limitz." No Limitz just wants to get himself (and his dog) something to eat. He crosses paths with the author but also meets up with kinda 'Road Warrior, Mad Max' type gangs, with a be-speckled urban upscale dude who wants to convert the ruined city into one with 'bike lanes' and 'indie movie theaters' ... maybe even a food co-op(!) I had to chuckle.

The characters mostly fall into one of three categories: they're either

  • Full-on stereotypes of post-apocalyptic stories (a mohawked Mad Max gun toting dude)
  • People totally unaffected by the post-apocalypse like a guy named Scott who says "The game switched off so I knew there was something going wrong."
  • Guys who see an Ikea/Trader Joe's gleaming future where everyone is inclusive and culturally sensitive.

As for the main character, the author, well... ... he likes pornography. He's heard of a great typhoon of porn magazines heading out to the city's edge. He wants to bask in its endless depictions of intimate female anatomy.

Dayglo has a kinship style-wise with Brokenland which I reviewed some time ago. This is a very funny, unserious comic. Apparently it took Ben Passmore from 2013 to finally get this to print.

Send me an angel.

I laughed hard at a weird scene where No Limitz kills his would-be attackers without mercy. He spreads the bloody stump of one of their torsos against a rock wall, releasing an angelic spirit trapped within the blood. The angel comes up to No Limitz and shares her gratitude with him but before two words come out he interrupts, saying 'Got any grub?' She says no. Then he asks 'Smokes?' To that she reaches behind her angel robes and says 'menthol okay?'

  • You can buy a copy of Dayglo A-hole HERE.
  • There's a sequel! Dayglo 2 is available HERE.

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