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Successful Inductions are one of the factors of High Performing Lodges. You probably remember your inductions process yourself and the aspects of it that caused you to continue in our organization. Due to the potential impact that Inductions can have on a new Arrowmen’s impression of the lodge, it is an important aspect of lodge program that can greatly improve or decrease retention rates. In this Apensuwi the Section leadership team has compiled resources and written articles all devoted to the Inductions process.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Ethan Syster Section Chief
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Lodge Feature: Naywin Rar Inductions

"During the event we participated in their inductions processes and identified three strategies as best practices that we would like to share with other lodges in the section. These best practice strategies are smaller, more personal ceremonies, meaningful service projects, and exciting evening activities."

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National Inductions Resources

The Order of the Arrow provides lots of resources to educate arrowman on the Inductions process. The Inductions process is officially considered the timeline from unit election to brotherhood conversion. The OA Guide to Inductions is the official publication on all things inductions. 

Learn More about the Induction Process

Meet Your Section Leaders

Hello everyone, I am Brennan Flanagan and I am the 2019-2020 SR-7B Inductions, Ceremonies, and Evaluations Chair. I am a Brotherhood member of Croatan Lodge. In my term as ICE Chair, I am hoping to continue the transition of ceremonies at conclave to encompass all aspects of ICE. 

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Photo of the Month

Section Chief Ethan Syster and Vice Chief of Program Matthew Klassa serving breakfast at Nayawin Rar Lodge's Fall Fellowship! Be on the Lookout for Section guests at your lodge's next event.

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