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Welcome back to the "Great Things" newsletter!

This edition is a little late due to watching my 10yo sing tonight (she opened the show with her solo part!).

Onwards to the latest Great Thing that has had an impact on me and helped me continue to show up, be seen and stand out (so much so I've shared it with a couple of people this week)...

The Latest & Greatest

In last week's Remotely Intimate newsletter (for Location Independent), I shared an article about how our attachment style could shape how we behave at work. 

This one is more about our romantic relationships and how attachment science can help.

But it's not just about our most significant relationships, given the loneliness epidemic we're facing, to me, this section is key...

"...If we are alone, we actually see a hill as higher. If we are accompanied by another, we perceive a hill as lower. The idea that we are better together, sharing the load and the stress, is a physiological fact rather than a sentimental statement.

Threat, risk, pain or uncertainty particularly prime this need for connection, and a sense of aloneness is a risk factor for every form of mental dysfunction identified by psychologists...Isolation or loss of attachment figures is inherently traumatising for human beings."

And this one too feels important when it comes to better understanding our selves and how we operate...

"Predictable physical or emotional connection with a close other calms our nervous system and shapes a sense of safe haven where comfort and reassurance can be readily obtained, and emotional balance can be restored and enhanced. This balance gives us choice. Once in balance, we can choose to move in any direction; without it, we fall haphazardly.

This balance promotes the development of a grounded, whole sense of self; a self that can organise the chaos of experience into a coherent whole. The self is a process that is always constructed with others; according to this perspective, you cannot be a self all by yourself."

And finally, the article is littered with some great examples of the misunderstandings and miscommunications that happen frequently between people, and the ongoing patterns and dynamics that underpin/cause these.

If you seem to find yourself in the same arguments or patterns over and over again with someone, give it a read. It's a valuable primer. 

Show Up, Be Seen, Stand Out

If you need help doing your something great in 2020, these are the ways I can help: 

  1. Strategic support to help you show up.
  2. Branding support to help you be seen.
  3. Website support to help you stand out. 

If I can help you do something great* in 2020, let me know – I'd love to be on your team!

By the way, ‘great’ is relative; you don’t have to be building the next Amazon to be great…it could be creating an income/building a business that fits around your kids and family (in my experience, that’s pretty great!).

In the meantime, I would love to hear if you're doing something great that you'd like to share, personal or professional...just hit 'reply' and drop me a line.


P.S. I've planned out 2020 after being re-inspired by this old nugget from Tim Ferriss. My year is looking very interesting!

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