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The Victory Garden Support Line phone number is 303-271-6632

This number was incorrect in the previously sent version, and has been corrected in this copy.

Victory Gardens 2020 – Let Us Help!

During World Wars I and II, Americans were encouraged to ‘Sow the Seeds of Victory’ to help the war effort and have enough food for everyone, including the troops. Growing and canning manuals were published and distributed widely and by 1943 home victory gardens were producing about 40% of the fresh fruit and vegetables in the US! 

More about Victory Gardens 

Even though Victory Gardens are not a new idea, we seem to go back to the land in times of stress and major change in our country and lives. If you are thinking about starting a garden for the first time and are not sure where to begin or if you are having an issue with your new (or old) victory garden, the Jefferson County Master Gardeners want to help you by providing science-based, reliable gardening information.

We are still picking up calls daily and answering emails and giving information on our social media. Here’s how to contact and find us:

Victory Garden Support Line – 303-271-6632

Contact the Master Gardeners at

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COVID-19, CSU Extension, and You

This month, we find ourselves still dealing with COVID-19, stay at home orders. Although it is a challenging time, it has provided opportunities for creativity. Although our physical office is closed, we at CSU Extension in Jefferson County are still working hard to meet community needs. Whether you are starting a Victory Garden to grow your own food or are taking steps to harden your home for wildfire, our research-based information is here for you. Perhaps you are becoming more involved in your community or you’d like to explore a new hobby such as food preservation. We encourage you to check our website and reach out to our staff. We are here for you.

Spring Backyard Wildlife

During these challenging times, we can find respite in our backyards and neighborhoods. As the days warm up you may see some of the Northern Flicker, Broad-tailed Hummingbird, Red-winged Blackbird, Western Meadowlark, and American Goldfinch. The arrival of these species signals a new season and a new start. Despite the uncertainty we are living in, birds continue on in their lives or migration, a great reminder that nature never stops. 

Learn more about creating habitat for backyard wildlife

Colorado Gardener Certificate Graduates

Nine students graduated with their Colorado Gardener Certificate after completing training on April 8. The graduates are, Leah Berg, Brandy Bunkley, Susan Dowd, Grace Glenn, Marques Harvey, Michael Hindermann, Derek Marshall, John Mazzucco, and Tyler VanKanan. Congratulations to these individuals for their achievement and for being adaptable in changing circumstances!

Learn more about Colorado Gardener Certification

Colorado Cottage Foods Food Safety Classes

There are a number of online food safety classes that Colorado Cottage Food producers can sign up to attend. These classes have shifted to using Zoom, and you do not need to have a camera or microphone–you can listen in and use the chat function to communicate. This food safety class is a required step in starting your Cottage Food business. 

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Civic Engagement Goes Virtual

The Jeffco Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) participated in a virtual meeting with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser. Weiser spent an hour and a half with 150 family leaders from across the state to share the work his office is doing, including enforcing the orders not to evict during the COVID-19 disruption. This was the first in a series of meetings on Democracy in Action to get to know some of our elected officials.

Learn more about FLTI

4-H Members Learn By Doing (From Home)

Animals still need to be fed and cared for, and making masks is a great way to practice sewing skills while providing a community service. To show off all the great work they’ve been doing, we hold weekly drawings asking 4-H members to submit pictures of their projects. Over the last five weeks, 66 members have submitted 311 entries!

Cloverbud Summer (shown in the photo above) wrote letters of encouragement to nurses to go along with donated leggings. 

Get involved with Jeffco 4-H

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