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Give your ears a treat!

He's determined to tear down the walls around his mate's heart, before an enemy rips out his soul.

Ruthless fighter, aimless drifter. Falling in love means getting ripped in pieces when everything goes to hell.

Lion shifter Dash can't fight the mating fever forever—or deny his insatiable need for the only woman who soothes his inner roar and makes him purr like a kitten.

But another male is sniffing around his woman. It's time for Dash to prove he's the deadliest hunter in the pride.

No rival will take what is his.

He'll prove to Colette that he's here to claim, here to stay.

Men are trouble. Mates are worse. Colette avoids anything more serious than a one-night stand like the plague.

But for once in her life she needs help. A vow never to out a shifter to humans is going to cost her everything. Especially when the person she's protecting is giving off stalker vibes.

The only person in her corner is also the only man who tempts her to break her own rules. The man who wants more than her body.

She'll have to trust that a mate bond won't chew her up and spit her out. Dash is the last defense against not just her enemies, but a lifetime of emptiness.

Savage Chase, Lion Hearts Book 3, is a steamy lion shifter romance. This paranormal with bite is for readers who love friends to lovers, women in peril, and growly protective males who purr for only one woman.

Listen now to satisfy your craving for savage on the outside, gooey on the inside alphas. Betcha can't read just one.


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Blackstone Ranger Hero: Blackstone Rangers Book 3

A night he can’t remember.

Three months ago, bear shifter Daniel Rogers woke up in a motel room with no memory of what happened the night before. Since then, his bear’s been unmanageable and unruly, while a mysterious woman keeps invading his dreams.

When an unwitting heroic act pushes him into the national spotlight, his mystery woman appears and his bear recognizes who she is: his fated mate. But the news she brings turns his life upside down and he knows that he must win her over and forge the bond to link them together.

A man she can’t forget.

When Sarah Mendez crept out of that motel room three months ago, she didn’t think she’d ever lay eyes on the man in bed next to her when she woke up. However, the consequences of a drunken night of indulgence catches up with her, potentially putting the brakes on her life’s work. But, when she sees his face splashed all over the news, she takes this chance to go to him and deliver some life-altering news.

But Daniel is not what she expects, and when circumstances force her to stay with him, she must ignore the attraction and desire brewing between them. Blackstone is not her home, and this dashing, handsome man is not for her, no matter how much she wants him.

When Daniel finds himself in the center of a conspiracy and his and Sarah’s life are threatened, he knows he must do everything to keep her safe. But, will evil forces win out or can he save his town and his mate?

The King's Fate (Corvidae Guard #1)

Dive into a NEW universe about love and all its perils in a paranormal realm by Rissa Blakeley, the author of the Shattered Lives series.

How far would you go to avenge your spouse's murder?

In a world where Fae and Vampire will forever be at odds, a Vampire wins the crown, ruling the Fae Realm for the first time in history.

After the execution of the Succubus who attempted to murder the King, her Incubus vows to avenge her, putting a devious plot into action. Breaking Fae law, he creates what he thinks will be the most powerful half-breed known to the Realm, placing him as a pawn to make the King feel the pain of death while living.

The Incubus shows patience, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Upon his half-breed son’s eighteenth year, he conjures images full of romanticized thoughts and desires that pushes his son and the King together, creating a fiery love affair neither could have imagined.

Will the Incubus avenge his love?
Will the plot bring the King a fate worse than death?
Will the King and his male lover survive?

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