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Quilters Treasure
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Quilters Treasure
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Bobbie & Joe updates
It has been a long 7 months since our RV broke down in Van Horn, TX on 11/4/23. For those of you who are following our trials & tribulations, The RV is now in the 4th repair shop in El Paso, TX.

Our first tow truck disconnected the wrong end of the drive shaft & did $4000 in damage. The 1st place we waited until after Thanksgiving. That Monday their diesel mechanic quilt.

Towed again to Fort Hitchcock, TX. Their diesel mechanic was called away on a family emergency.

Towed again to the 3rd repair shop. This company did major damage to the RV inside & out.

At 3rd repair shop, they informed us we needed a new motor so on 12/22/23 we paid for a new motor. 1/5/24 took it for a test drive for only 4 miles & it died. towed back to repair shop. Next test drive on 2/23/24 we almost make it to the first exit. Towed back again. If we did not leave by the 24th we would not be able to make it to the Hampton, VA show. Had to cancel this & 2 other shows.

If you were one of my students scheduled for Hampton, please accept my apology. I have been 22 years & this is the first class I have had to cancel. I will be teaching both of these classed in Oaks, PA, visit their web site for details.

After the 3rd repair shop, having our RV for over 4 months, they had the nerve to tell us they had other things they had to work on. This was on Friday. Monday, they informed us that they don't work on motor homes.

On Tuesday we had it towed to the 4th repair garage that assured us they work on motor homes. We left it there with a promise of only taking 2 weeks.

We went to Paducah, KY show. That Friday they informed us that the 3rd shop put in the wrong motor, they did not know what the right motor was. Joe informed them to call Freightliner (it was on a Freightliner frame) & give them the VIN number.

After Paducah we drove back to Rindge, NH. Time was running out. Joe's driver’s license expired on his birthday May 3rd. We also must register our vehicles.

The main reason I am sharing this with you at this time is to assure you we are still in business. There have been some issues with staying in various motels. There was no place to have shipments made. We have inventory in the RV in El Paso, TX. Two storage units in Lake Havasu City, AZ & with us in NH.

We are currently ordering replacements to meet our orders. Only a couple of items are currently not available, which we are working to remedy. We will call you if your order cannot be shipped complete. Please be patient, we are working hard to fill all orders.

We do have great plans. Being at home base in NH we will start marbling fabric again. I will also be offering internet classes. Please email or text what classes you are interested in learning, I will schedule these first.

I have been working on designs for new quilts & possibly a block of the month. We are open to any suggestions or interest you have, just let me know.

I will also be making new YouTube videos.

To keep up to date please sign up for our Monthly Newsletter. All new patterns, promotions, our monthly specials & the drawing for our monthly winner is drawn from our newsletter only.

We are so happy we have had the pleasure of traveling for 22 years across the country, traveling over 1 million miles. I hope our bad experience has not diminished anyone's dream of traveling in an RV. Please realize that after that many miles we have been very fortunate & do not regret our choice of travel.

We do plan on continuing to attend future quilt shows. You will find our schedule posted on our web site. We just need a little breather to regroup & settle back into our home.

Joe will be flying down to El Paso, TX when the RV is finally fixed.

Safe travels to all & we hope to see you soon.

Bobbie & Joel

Call Bobbie for an appointment 603-532-4844
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