Supreme Verification

From the beginning of its existence, NomadMania has positioned itself as a community which is serious about travel, and for this reason verification was initiated as early as 2014.

Verification ensures that a traveller’s claims are real by checking that a traveller has truly visited a country or region that is claimed.

Since 2014, more than 200 travellers have been verified and now some verifications are almost 10 years old, which have not been followed up which implies there is always room for error or misinterpretation.

Today we are happy to be introducing Supreme Verification’

We believe that an enhanced, further type of verification, can do three important things:

  1. Safeguard and guarantee the NomadMania name;
  2. Generate some donations by enthusiastic members;
  3. Ensure dynamic, ongoing and up-to-date certification of travel claims.

Read more about the Supreme Verification and feel welcome to contact us if you're eligible and wish to proceed with this!

New Interview

Josh Bender, a seasoned traveller and digital nomad, shares his insights on the skills and experiences he has picked up along the way, including a solution-oriented approach to problem-solving, letting things slide, and the benefits of minimalism.

Read the full interview with Josh here on our blog.

Last Call To Reflect On New Website Updates

After our recent release of the updated website, we started a poll in order to gather feedback and recommendations from you.

This poll is active until Sunday (May 21st).  

Your feedback matters! Simply fill out ==> THIS FORM
*** you have to be logged in with NM profile. 

New UN Master

Looks like Turkmenistan is becoming a favourite last UN country to visit for NomadMania members. Recently Ruben Arnal became our new UN Master.

Here you can see our full list of UN Masters.

Webinar - What Is A Visit (May 27th)

Just a quick reminder about the upcoming webinar by our founder, Harry Mitsidis, who is going to explain our newly codified rules in regards to what is considered to be a minimal visit to a place from now on.

More details and registration here - [WEBINAR] What is a visit

Upcoming Tours (Autumn 2023)

Tours to Libya and Bratislava are full (but we can waitlist you!). However there are still a few more spots left for our Armenia tour which will be held between 23-29 September.

A unique trip, never done before, with many unvisited areas on the agenda. So, please, don't delay if you wish to join. Details here - Armenia Tour.

The culmination of our events this year will be the 3rd NomadMania Awards ceremony to be held in Lviv, Ukraine on October 21st with some add-ons trips to Kyiv and Kharkiv in the week leading to that.

Save the week starting October 15th. More details coming soon...


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