In this issue, we bring you news on iridescent turquoise bricks, a fairytale cabin, steel vs aluminium, and more...

Hello and welcome to the October Issue of the Materials for Architecture Newsletter

In this issue, we bring you news on iridescent turquoise bricks, a fairytale cabin, steel vs aluminium, and more...

Iridescent turquoise bricks front Damien Hirst's new studio by Stiff + Trevillion

Iridescent blue bricks and an art-deco-style cornice form the exterior of Damien Hirst's new headquarters in London's Soho, designed by architecture studio Stiff + Trevillion. They designed the building as a flexible, creative workspace, as the architects didn't know at the time who would occupy it. Its aim was to create a memorable and characterful building. Read more...
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Compare and contrast: steel vs aluminium

Metal Technology looks at the relative pros and cons of steel and aluminium from a structural perspective. Architects need no introduction to the benefits of metal as a structural material. Metals have been used in buildings for centuries, and every building constructed today is likely to contain metal, regardless of the construction method chosen. Read more...
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The challenges and pleasures of life in the Bronze Age

Architectural bronze has long been the choice for delivering a premier feel and finish to any building, but specifying it has always come with challenges. Warwick Penson of Bronze Architecture discusses the resurgence of this material and its uniquely distinctive properties. Architectural bronze is often used to bestow a mark of quality upon a project. Read more...
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Copper – the real thing

Despite an unrivalled heritage including use on some of our oldest buildings, continuing developments make copper and its alloys thoroughly modern and sustainable options for contemporary architecture, as Graeme Bell of Aurubis explains. Copper has seen a dramatic shift from its historic place in roofing to a leading role in today’s facades. Read more...
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Park life

A major sports complex has been created in a Netherlands park to provide facilities for professional athletes as well as increase the local community’s health. Russ Davenport from FaulknerBrowns Architects spoke to Jack Wooler to discover the array of contents wrapped inside a twisting polished steel ribbon. Read more...
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This tiny moss-covered cabin in the woods seems straight out of a storybook

Jacob Witzling has an inclination for the outdoors and a weakness for woodland homes. One of Witzling’s most creative cabin projects is this imaginative structure that seems to be straight out of a story book. Built on a 135 square foot octagonal base, the small-scale abode accommodates a loft space that adds 80 square feet of occupiable space. Read more...
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Mud-spraying drones build prototype for emergency homes

Stephanie Chaltiel used drones to coat a shelter in clay, demonstrating a fast construction method that could be used in refugee camps and disaster zones. As part of designjunction, the architect constructed Mud Shell, a sturdy domed shelter from bags of hay attached to a wooden lattice that was then sprayed with a mixture of clay and fibre using a drone. Read more...
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ICD Aggregate Pavilion 2018 is made from 120,000 interlocking stars

The University of Stuttgart's ICD Aggregate Pavilion 2018 is made from recycled plastic spiked stars that create a self-supporting structure bonded only by friction. Years of research went into the project, applying lessons from large granular masses found in nature to architecture. Each individual element of the pavilion is held in place by contact force. Read more...
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