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For the next few months, my efforts will be devoted to obtaining sponsors for Discipline Without Stress seminars. If I am successful in obtaining sponsors, the seminars will be conducted next fall.

The seminars will be based on my Discipline Without Stress®, Parenting Without Stress®, and Living Without Stress® books.

My plan is to start by presenting seminars in Southern and Northern California—although I am open to presenting in any city in the country.

If you have attended a seminar and would like to recommend the location/hotel/conference center for a seminar, please send it to me at


If you can recommend a sponsor whose main products are purchased by parents and teachers, please also send that information because I will be targeting companies that sell to moms and teachers.

Your recommendation for a particular day of the week for the seminars will also help.

As far as I can determine, the "without stress" approach is the only one that shows how to always stay in control without the use of coercion—such as rewards to bribe, threats, and imposed punishments. The system empowers young people to do what adults want them to do because young people WANT to do it.

The approach not only works for parents and teachers but also for anyone in a leadership role.

1. Quote of the Month

2. Stress Management Video

"Working With Fear"

Fear is often a by-product of negative thoughts. Unfortunately, we have an innate capacity for fear. This tip will have you face your fears while mastering them.

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3. Parenting Without Stress

I was recently interviewed by Karen Thomas (an expert and author on autism and parenting) on the Naturally Healing Autism podcast. Enjoy!

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4. Discipline Without Stress

I received the following inquiry:

Dr. Marshall,

This is Destiny Cummings, and I was wondering if it would be possible if you would be willing to share with me what you believe should be my audience's key take away about your philosophy? My group and I are trying to put an end on our presentation and believe that a take away would be an excellent way to end the discussion.

Thank you,

Destiny Cummings

My response:

Hi Destiny,

A few points: 

  • If you want to change another person, start with what you will do, since you can control others but you cannot change anyone other than yourself.

  • Do not rely on rules; they prompt enforcement, not empowerment. Instead, teach procedures and use the Hierarchy of Social Development for expectations.

  • A teacher’s role is to motivate and have positive relations with students. This is accomplished by using positivitychoice, and reflection.

5. Living Without Stress

If you are a parent or teacher, the following video will be of interest.

6. Speaking and Presenting

Need a speaker for a corporate, education, or parent event? Check out the Marvin Marshall's speaking site.

8. What People Say

"I am a teacher here on Guam and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all these insights and strategies from you. The poem you shared is simply perfect and I can't wait to teach it to my third graders!


Thank you for all you do to keep inspiring teachers to impact student behavior in a positive way.”

—Grace Canar, Guam

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