Deliciously dark and fiercely hot. Captive will grab you from page one and won't let you go until the very end. A heady mix of drama, romance and heat that you're going to love.

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Good girls love their masters.
Tessa has never been particularly good.


"Dark desires mean the games I play in the bedroom have to be hidden from everyone's eyes."
I'm not going to repeat the same mistake twice. The next toy I buy will be perfect. And Tessa really is all that, and more - except she has a smart mouth, and I have a short temper.
She better not start digging around my past, or she might find herself with no future.


"I didn't choose this life. But I never thought I could fall in love with the man who bought my body."
I can't help my natural curiosity. Will is intriguing, and I have to uncover all his secrets. With each thread he pulls, he unravels another one of my inhibitions.
But I want to play, too. I want to know his deepest, darkest thoughts... Even though they could mean my demise.

**Full-length novel. Standalone, no cliffhanger, no cheating & a happy ending!**


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