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New Immortals Book I 

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Can one woman save an immortal race on the brink of extinction?

Laura Whitney is the newest member of the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. Too bad she feels like a complete fraud. Failing sections of her training didn’t stop the P.I.A. from passing her, because no one has a talent like hers. Unfortunately, it’s killing her.

Valentino Moretti had forsaken his race long ago. Now, on the brink of extinction, with his demon long gone from the world he welcomes his death. He feels nothing. 

When his brother is assassinated and the P.I.A. is called in to investigate, Valentino vows to avenge his murder before seeking his death but the new agent sent in to interview him changes everything. With his demon awakening for a woman that shouldn’t exist and an unseen foe seeking his destruction. Can this predator tame the beast within long enough to ensnare the heart of the only human alive that can save him?


Chapter 1

Valentino watched in silence as the bullet hit Rico in the forehead.

Rico staggered before straightening his immaculate pinstriped suit. “When will they learn that bullets have no effect on...” He twitched then fell to the marble floor. His eyes rolled back in his head as his body seized before going slack.

Valentino rushed down the curved staircase to his brother’s side. “Rico.” He studied the perfect dark features that were similar to his own. Nothing. He reached out to his remaining brother. Dante get in here. Rico is dead.

Dante strode into the entrance as Rico’s blood spread across the white marble. “Rico get up. You have not played a prank in decades.”

Valentino stood. “He is dead.” He wanted to feel the loss of his youngest brother. To feel anything.

Dante knelt. “Impossible. Bullets have no effect on us.”

“I have tried to connect with him. There is nothing. He is gone.” He remembered everything about his brother. The one that had given them so much joy growing up. His sense of humor his caring nature. While Rico had held some remnants of emotion for his family, Valen felt nothing.

Dante stood. “Do you feel his loss?”

“No. You?”

“No. My demon began his decline before yours did.”

Valen looked at the widening pool of blood. “Our time on this earth draws nigh but we will find Rico’s murderer before we seek our death.”

Dante inclined his head. “Agreed. How should we proceed?”

“I will call the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. They may have heard of this new weapon and who is wielding it.”

Dante glanced out the intricate French doors. “Do you think the PIA will help us?”

“Their agenda is unclear but your contact there can get us the information we need,” Valen said.

Dante nodded. “This is the first sign of open aggression against us. This will come to the human’s attention.”

“That is the reason the PIA will help us. They seem intent in keeping our existence hidden. At least for now.” It was a decision he agreed with.

Dante pulled his cell phone from his suit pocket. “I will inform the council before reaching out to our contact there.” Dante moved away to make his calls.

Valen walked to the large bay window that overlooked the manicured grounds. There was a time he would have found his surroundings beautiful. He touched the intricate pattern in the glass, wishing he could feel the cold texture against his skin. So, this is the end. He thought there would be some semblance of sorrow. Regret. Something. But after hundreds of years of not finding a bride, there was only a black void that he could never escape.

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He was the high school bad boy… and the boy she fell in love with.

Sheriff Savannah “Savvy” Douglas fell in love with a bad boy who walked out of her life. Ten years did little to dull the feelings she had for him. But a year ago he stopped calling and texting, leaving her with nothing but questions.

Dr. Brody Collins was about to return to the town he grew up in… and the town where the love of his life still resided. He’d broken all communications with her for a year when his past caught up with him. But he was ready to rectify the situation.

Will Savvy forgive him and give them the chance they’d lost out on ten years ago?


A small smile crossed his face though it never reached his eyes. “I can explain.”

“Explain what, Brody?” The question came out harsh, even to my own ears, but I plowed on. “A year. Not a text, phone call, letter, or f*ck you. Nothing. You ditch me and expect me to be happy to see you.”

“Savvy,” he began, stepping toward me.

I shoved him back until he fell onto the same rocker he had been sitting in when I arrived. “Don’t you dare “Savvy” me. The name is Sheriff Douglas.”

He held up his hands. “I know you’re upset.”

The anger that had been simmering became a full-on boil. “F*ck you, Brody. What? Did you find yourself a woman and couldn’t bring yourself to tell me? Did you go on a year-long bender after graduation?” I turned my back on him—perhaps the hardest thing I’d ever done. My heart lurched and tears burned my eyes. I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I wouldn’t!

“You are so damn pigheaded, Savannah. But I can understand why you’re upset. I’ll come back later when you’ve had a chance to clear your head. Then maybe you’ll listen to me.”

With that, he sidestepped me and made his way to his SUV. He opened the door and paused. “I do love you.”

With a Herculean effort, I managed to hold the tears in until he was out of sight. Those tears burned a hot path down my cheeks, as I did exactly what I didn’t want to do.

Cry a river over him.

I stood on the porch, facing the lake. The sun shimmered over its surface, but was a blur to me. The shimmer became diamonds dancing atop the water as the torrent of tears slowed and finally burned out.

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The Jaguar Queens


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Five Stars

"Wow. Just wow. I absolutely loved it! I can't wait for the next book! I hope there is a next book!"

Jungle Rapture 

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Jungle Salvation

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Knotty Girl Review   

Jungle Salvation is the long-anticipated second release in M.A. Jewell’s Jaguar Queens series and is definitely worth the wait!

While paranormal is not my favorite in romance, she hit this one out of the park. The writing was simply wonderful, and the reader feels immersed in the Jaguar’s world of the lush jungles of Brazil.

This book is about Kelsie’s sister Dakota, who has come to find out why Kelsie has left home and decided to get married. While there, she meets Matteo.

Matteo hasn’t shifted out of his jaguar form in years, but he does now, and when he meets Dakota, all bets are off.

But Dakota’s life is in danger, and it will take an army to get her back. This is a great read by M.A Jewell, and if you haven’t read her before, I suggest you start with the first book in the series. Jungle Rapture.

5 Stars!!!

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