September Newsletter

Back "Home"

We always long to be home, but where is home? Home is such a strange concept to our family. "Welcome Home" we hear as we reunite with family and friends in the U.S.

We are greeted by church members on our return to Kenya, "Welcome Home." 

Fred's dad rejoiced and exclaimed "Welcome Home" as we visited Fred's rural village. A rural village is always considered "home" in Kenya.

Are we ever really home? Thankfully, we are reminded in scripture where our eternal home is.¬†How wonderful it is to know that when the toils and struggles of this life are over, and we hear the words, ‚ÄúWell done, good and faithful servant! Enter into the joys of your Lord!‚ÄĚ that we can partake in all the wonder and beauty of our Heavenly Home. May God help each of us to live in such a way that Heaven will be our forever home!¬†¬†¬†¬†

"But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ." Philippians 3:20

What we have been up to...

Lucy & Eliana are back to school!

In our first week back to Kenya, the girls started school. This is the first year that they are at the same school, and it's Eliana's first year at this school. It's been an adjustment, but they are now fully settled and enjoying learning and meeting new friends. 

Good News Migwena Academy

Last week, we finished our 2nd term at GNMA. We had a closing ceremony with all of the students and strategized with our staff on our upcoming and last term of the year. Students and staff will resume after a 10 day break. 

Practical Evangelism

We got news as we were traveling back to Kenya that one of our beloved church members passed away. Her husband passed away a year ago, and now her two college-age sons are left without parents. Our church spent 3 days in their compound preparing for the funeral and helping with practical things that needed to be done - cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, painting, and putting up tents for the ceremony. While a funeral is a time of grieving, the church often has an opportunity to evangelize to the family and community by practically serving the family with acts of service. This time was no exception. Fred led a team of men that showed Christ to the sons when they needed to see His love in action. 

Admin catch up!

Boring, right? I had a long list of "to-do's" as we left the U.S. that involved me sitting in front of my laptop and catching up on admin work. From creating Child Sponsorship profiles, to banking and e-mailing to website design and more, I've tried to balance office work and field work as much as possible. Most days have found me in front of the screen catching up after only opening my laptop a handful of times this summer.  

Child Sponsorship

A lot of my office work is creating new profiles for child sponsorship. If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring a child at Good News Kenya, please click the link below to fill out a form. We will get in touch with you! 

Elementary Sponsorship
$35/month (Grades 1-6)
High School Sponsorship
$50/month (Grades 7-9)
College Sponsorship
$100/month (2-4 years) 

Learn more about child sponsorship!

You met the MATCH, $10,000!

Wahoo! We challenged you to help us meet a match of $10,000 this summer to reach our Phase III goal...You helped us meet our match and more! 

We are so grateful to our special donor for providing a match and to so many of you, for meeting the match. Each donation is so humbling, your steadfast support are the pillars in our ministry. 

The current need...

This summer we had a fundraising goal of $60,000 for Phase III at GNMA! 

Phase III consists of...

  • 4th grade classroom -$15,000
  • Dining Hall and Kitchen - $20,000
  • 2nd School Van - $15,000
  • Scholarships - $10,000

Phase III Goal: $60,000
Total raised: $49,000 (God is good!)

As of today, we have raised $49,000 towards Phase III. That means we only have $11,000 remaining to meet our goal for Phase III. Next week, we are sitting down with our contractor to begin construction. Wahoo!! Our new school year begins in January, so it is time to get building! 

As we begin our new school year, one thing that we always revise is our school fee budget. Currently, parents of unsponsored children pay less than $4/month for school fees. We try to remain true to our commitment to the community, to provide affordable, quality and Christian education.

How do we keep our fees so affordable? 

Part of our Phase III goal is $10,000 in scholarships. That means your donation is a direct relief to families in our community. That also means, if we aren't able to meet our Phase III goal by the end of the year, we will have to increase school fees so that the school can be sustained. 

Can you give a one time donation to help us meet our goal? 
What about considering giving a recurring gift of $10, $20, or $30 a month to our scholarship fund at GNMA? 

*All donations are tax-deductible!*


Click on the link below to give online, please select "School Project - Good News Migwena Academy" to support Phase III at GNMA.

Or you can mail a check to:

Good News Kenya
503 Walworth St
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Click here to donate online!

Listen to our Sermon

10 years of sowing seeds in Kenya, through your partnership in prayer and support. If you didn't get a chance to listen to us speak while we were home, please click the link below to watch our sermon and be encouraged how you have helped us plant seeds in Kenya.

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor.

1 Corinthians 3:6

"Sowing Seeds in Kenya" Sermon

Take a look!

Below are two important links we would love for you to check out!

GNMA Phase III Video

Take a look at the development of GNMA in the last one year and what our hopes are for our next phase. 

GNMA Digital Booklet

Read about our history, mission, and goals at GNMA! 

Click here to view our GNMA Phase III Video!
Click here to view our GNMA Digital Booklet

We want to hear from YOU!

Many of you are new to our newsletter list, welcome! We hope you find these updates both informative and encouraging. Did you know if you "reply" to this e-mail, we get it right in our inbox! We love getting responses to our newsletters, it encourages us to keep writing! Keep in touch, looking forward to hear from you! 

Praises & Prayer Requests

Golf Outing

Praise God! $3,200 was raised for GNK from Trinity's golf outing! Thank you golfers!

Safe travels

Praise God for safe travels, no delayed flights, or lost luggage! Awesome! 

Needed R&R

Last month we prayed for R&R, God blessed us through strangers that are now family by providing the R&R we needed. 

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Good News Kenya is a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation, so your donations are tax-deductible. All GNK projects and missionary support is funded by churches, friends, and family who have decided to partner with us in bringing the Gospel to Kenya. Thank you for being co-laborers in bringing the hope of Christ to Kenyan communities. 

His Servants,
Fred, Holly, Lucy, Eliana, & Josiah Okoth

Good News Kenya

503 Walworth St. 
Lake Geneva, WI


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