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"Lack of access to financial services is a major barrier for women’s equality around the world. Cryptocurrency gives equal access to finance. Mothers, sisters, wives are half of world’s population, who are a pool of creators and makers."  ~Women & Crypto report by Coinbase

Market State

Last week the cryptocurrency market has seen a slight growth. The price of Bitcoin is up by 3.1% since last week, and is currently trading around $3900 and slowly approaching $4000. The overall cryptocurrency market increased by $8 billion during the week.  Most of the top cryptocurrencies are higher than the price at which they started the week. Ether was up by 11% to $140. Then slightly dropped back to $134. The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin came up with the idea to fund wallet developers by charging their users  a flat wallet fee of 1 gwei/gas per transactions. Vitalik believes that the new fee structure would collectively raise up to $2 million in a year for wallet developers without the need to turn to venture capitalists for money.

German Ministry of Finance has called the country recognize and regulate blockchain-based securities as a legitimate form of financial instrument. The Ministry of Finance has published a paper that discusses the introduction of regulation. The paper says the securities can be registered electronically and shouldn’t have to be documented on paper. The initiative plans to start with electronic bonds then move on to digital shares. The German Ministry of Finance believes it can position itself as the leading financial hub in Europe.

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Quiz of the week

Block Explorers CAN’T be used to ...

  1. view private keys
  2. view address balances
  3. view transaction histories

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Top stories of the week
BlockFi Offers Crypto Deposit Account With 6% Interest

Cryptocurrency lending startup BlockFi has launched a crypto deposit account called BlockFi Interest Account (BIA). The service allows users to deposit Bitcoin and Ether and earn 6.2% annual interest that are paid monthly in cryptocurrency. If you deposit Bitcoin, you will receive interest payments in Bitcoin. If you deposit Ether, you are paid in Ether. Users can withdraw their funds at any time. The funds will be held at Gemini Trust, a currency exchange and custodian founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. BlockFi generates 6.2% interest by providing crypto loans to institutions. Institutions who are borrowing crypto from BlockFi pay more interest than BlockFi pays to depositors. It might be a good idea to lend out your crypto if you don’t want to sell it. But your cryptos are still not safe as they are not covered by insurance against losses.

Tether Partners with Tron to Launch a New Version of Stablecoin

Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin by market cap is launching its new version of USDT on Tron blockchain as a TRC-20 token. TRC-20 token is a token standard used by the Tron blockchain that is compatible with and equivalent of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Currently there are two different types of USDT tokens. USD Tether, issued on the Bitcoin’s Omni Protocol and USD Tether as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain. Tron based Tether will have much faster transaction speed (1200 TPS-Transaction per second) compared to Ethereum based Tether (15 TPS) and Omni based Tether (3-7 TPS) while charging almost zero fee. Tron based Tether is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2019 and will allow users to easily transact with Decentralized Applications (dApps) and wallets based on the Tron blockchain.

Samsung Partners With Enjin Coin

Last week the Enjin Coin has generated a lot of attention after Samsung revealed its four blockchain partners which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmee a beauty community service dApp (Decentralised Application) and Enjin. The price of Enjin Coin almost doubled following the announcement of a partnership with Samsung. Enjin is Singapore based IT company founded in 2009 which focuses on blockchain gaming industry. Enjin’s mintshop allows anyone to create their own non-fungible tokens also known as ERC-1155 (Check out our “Crypto word of the week section” to learn more about ERC-1155 tokens). Enjin is releasing a blockchain development software kit which will be available on Unity Asset Store on 14th of March. There are 4.5 million developers who use Unity which is a game engine that allows developers to create games in both 2D and 3D and those developers will soon be able to create blockchain assets.

OneCoin Leaders Arrested And Indicted

The US department of justice has announced that the one of the founders and leaders of OneCoin have been arrested and charged the the other founder who is still on the run with fraud and money laundering. The announcement was made public by the U.S. Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York on March 8. OneCoin is a Ponzi scheme that was established in 2014 and is based in the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. OneCoin is a $4 billion ponzi scam  with over 2 million victims around the world. It is a fraudulent cryptocurrency that doesn’t have a blockchain and most investors haven’t been able to take their money out of the scheme once they invest in. OneCoin operates as a multi-level marketing network through where members receive commissions for recruiting others to purchase OneCoin packages.

Women And Crypto Report

In time for International Women’s Day Coinbase has partnered with Qriously, an online research platform to ask over 6000 women about their views on money, the current financial system, and the role of crypto in financial freedom and equality. One third of women surveyed by Coinbase⁩ do not believe they have equal access to the financial system in their own countries. Most respondents believe that technology will impact finance in the next 10 years. Still in many parts of the world there is gender bias and restrictive laws that put barriers on women’s ability to open a bank account, get a loan, own land, or start their own businesses. But cryptocurrency gives equal access for women to the financial system around the world. Influential women in crypto encourages all of the women to educate themselves about cryptocurrency and what doors it opens to them.

Brave Browser’s Ads Rewards Program Is Now Live

The privacy focused Brave browser now allows its users to view ads in return for rewards and earn 70% of Brave browser ad revenues generated in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave browser was launched in 2016. It has a built-in adBlock feature and it doesn’t track user activity and locations. In addition to its security features Brave has integrated a wallet for the Basic Attention Token (BAT) where people can browse the web, earn rewards, and support content creation while preserving their privacy. The crypto powered browser has been officially downloaded 20 million times on Android phones which makes the app  in the top 1% of all Android downloads according to AppBrain.

Tweet of the week

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter bought his first hardware wallet which is Trezor.  

Meme of the week
Crypto word of the week

ERC-1155 token is a new Ethereum based token standard which is a combination of fungible tokens (ERC-20) and non-fungible tokens (ERC-721). Fungible tokens are created equal to all the other tokens of its kind. Non-fungible tokens (custom tokens) are all unique tokens such as CryptoKitties. ERC-1155 tokens are specifically created for blockchain gaming industry where there are both cryptocurrency and collectibles. ERC-1155 tokens allow gamers to convert their custom tokens such as unique heros or weapons into cryptocurrencies and vice versa.      

Quiz answer

Block Explorers CAN’T be used to…

The correct answer is “A”.

Block explorer is a browser for the blockchain, that shows the contents of the blockchain such as address balances, transaction histories and transactions in an individual block.

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