Free 10 Day Content Creation Challenge!

When I started According to Brittney, no one knew anything about the blog.

I had to beg my friends and family to read, share, and subscribe (to no avail).

My blog was completely unknown.

When I wrote, I wrote to no one.

But, I kept writing, and writing, and writing.

I started learning and finding new ways to get my posts out there.

I made better content that kept people engaged.

Now, According to Brittney has many loyal followers and they actually read (Yay!)

People actually come to me for blog advice now.

The biggest thing I did was kept going. I kept writing even when no one was reading. I kept creating content because I knew I was going to get better each day. And I did.

And now, I want to help you.

Which is why I created the free 10 Day Content Creation Challenge!

On November 27th, we will be creating awesome content everyday for 10 days. When you sign up, you get a video training each day posted in my group, a chance to get inspiration and feedback from other women entrepreneurs, and a live Q&A with me each day!

The types of content we'll be covering text, image, and video content: Text - Value posts, Ladder Posts, Blogs, Image - Branded Photo, Non-Branded Photo, Graphic, Video - Stories, Pre-Recorded Video, and Live Video. On the last day, we will create a vlog that incorporates all three content types.

How awesome is all this?!?

Oh, and I'm not even done. When you sign up, you get my simple content calendar template for free!

Are you beyond ready to sign up? Great, click the button below to learn more.

I Want to Step Up My Content Game
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