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StarGAN: Unified Generative Adversarial Networks For Multi-Domani Image-to-Image Translation

StarGAN is a framework which can perform image-to-image translation (the stuff you see above) across multiple domains (such as hair colour, age or gender) with multiple datasets within a single model with remarkable accuracy! It's almost creepy how real the results look, the future of GANs are super exciting. I replicated this framework using Pytorch.

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How I Taught My Computer To Drive Using Machine Learning

Using a Convolutional Neural Network and Behavioral Cloning, I was able to teach my computer to drive by itself! In this video, I explain how I actually made this model.

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Launched My Personal Website

After a few weeks of playing around with it, I've finally launched my personal website. Feel free to check it out to see my newest projects and articles!

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4 Of My Months Favourite Podcasts

This month, I went hard on gaining insightful knowledge through one of my favourite mediums, podcasts. After listening to dozens of podcast in March, here are some that got me to think differently and learn completly new concepts and structures of thoughts. 

Philosophize This!

Episode 63 - Kant pt.8 - Limits of Knowledge. Made me realize how little I know.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Ep. 1109 - Matthew Walker. Realized how bad a lack of sleep is (REALLY bad).

Philosophize This!

Episode 61 - Kant pt. 6 - What is Enlightenment?

The Peter Attia Drive

Episode 8 - Tom Bilyeu: nutrition, fasting, meditation, mindset, immortality and the secret formula of fulfilmlment.

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