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Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - July 26th, 2017

Russian-Born Botnet Herder Hit With 9-Year Sentence

A Russian-born hacker - Alexander Tverdokhlebov, 29, who took control of half a million computers and stole tens of thousands of credit card numbers was sentenced to nine years in prison this month. He was an active member of several highly exclusive Russian-speaking cybercrime forums. He emigrated to the United States in 2007 and later gained U.S. citizenship has been sentenced to serve in prison after pleading guilty to masterminding hacking and card-fraud schemes. Over the years, Tverdokhlebov put up for sale at least 40,000 stolen credit cards and control of 500,000 private computers through malicious software. He also hired two Russian students studying in the United States to cash out funds from a compromised bank account. He stole sensitive financial information from at least 100 people. When Tverdokhlebov was arrested on Feb. 1, law enforcement agents seized $272,000 worth of $100 bills stored in four safe deposit boxes located in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, according to court documents. 

After Tverdokhlebov's release, he's subject to three years of parole, including monitoring of his computer use.


Top 10 tips to stay secure online while traveling this summer

Summer is the time to enjoy traveling and vacations, but do not be lax with your cyber hygiene! Enjoy your summer – whether traveling or staying home – and be sure to follow these top 10 tips to stay secure online this summer.


PoS malware hits food kiosks, steals payment card info

Avanti Markets discovered some of their self check out payment kiosks had been affected by malware which stole payment card information. Avanti Market self checkout kiosks allow breakroom customers to buy food and drinks with cash, credit cards, or via a fingerprint scan (biometrics).  The company is warning users of its self-service kiosk vending machines that malware-wielding attackers infected approximately 1,900 of its machines and appear to have stolen payment card users' names and card numbers, and users' email addresses, among other sensitive information. According to the firm's website, its devices are used by 1.6 million customers in 46 states, who collectively purchase 200 million products per year. The company, based in Tukwila, Washington, was founded in 2009 as Evergreen Vending.


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