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Techstars x JA Entrepreneurship Summit

Hello! Sigil here. It's been a while since we last talked :)

Over the past few months, I scaled Sigil Digital, a digital creative agency, to 4 employees, researched into improving worldwide internet accessibility with Free Space Optical Technologies, grew my YouTube channel to 700+ Subscribers, and successfully wrapped up the Summer 20 batch for the Spark Teen Accelerator, a startup accelerator that invests in maximizing the potential of teenage entrepreneurs (applications just launched to beta test our incubator) 🤫.

Today at 5:30 pm EST, I will be sharing my insights in teen entrepreneurship at Junior Achievement's Entrepreneur Summit in partnership with TechStars alongside some really cool founders- Vanessa Clark, CEO at Atomos Space 🚀, and Mustafa Syed, Founder of REZA🤯.

You might be interested in signing up 😉

Register Here 👈

Special thanks to Navid Nathoo (Founder at The Knowledge Society), and Saba Karim (Global Startup Pipeline Manager at Techstars) for helping to set this up! 🙏

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