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Sometimes it's the little people in history who make the most difference...and inspire the greatest stories. Seymour Finney was such a man. A hotel- and tavernkeeper in Detroit in the 1850's, he helped countless slaves escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad. He'd hide runaways in his barn, often while housing the very men who searched for them in his hotel! 

I stumbled onto this story a few years ago while doing research for an upcoming trip to Gettysburg. (Yes, I spent an entire winter reading thick, dusty volumes in preparation for our family vacation. I'm odd that way.) I was so intrigued by Finney's story that I used him as the basis for my character Isaac Milford--the no-nonsense, innkeeping uncle to the heroine and a foundational figure in my book, The Candle Star. I would eventually write five more novels and three novellas set in the Civil War, all sparked by this everyday man who did extraordinary things.

The Candle Star has gone on to become my best selling children's novel, with many teachers placing bulk orders for their classrooms. I have an entire section on my blog devoted to images, maps, soundbites, and historical sources relative to the creation of the book--including pictures of Seymour Finney's Detroit properties. If you're like me and enjoy browsing that kind of thing, feel free to take a look around. Or point a teacher in that direction. I've got lesson plans posted, too.

Before you go, be sure to check out the books and promos featured below. They're always free or bargain priced. I bounce between dystopian, historical, and middle grade fiction (the major genres I write in), sometimes even a bit of fantasy or romance (my subgenres), just to keep things interesting.

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This week, I'm featuring an entire dystopian trilogy. I happened across Slave two years ago, soon after it released. I liked it so much I've picked up each book as it came out. They are so worth their 2.99 price tag. (Rebels is a .99 prequel.) If you enjoyed my Recompense series, give this one a try.

Workers silently shuffle to their assigned posts. Outcasts watch from the alley walls. On every corner, a Watcher stands stone-faced, rifle in hand. 

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A former teacher and longtime homeschooler, MICHELLE ISENHOFF writes for children and adults. Her work has been reader-nominated for a Cybils Award, the Great Michigan Read, and the Maine Student Book Award. Michelle writes from Michigan where she bikes all summer and wears flip-flops all winter.