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ISSUE 144, 19 MAY 2020
”There is a crack in everything – that is how the light gets in”. Experiences with reopening libraries in the age of corona

The Library Lab

Practical and first-hand information about the experience of reopening libraries in Denmark from Christian Lauersen.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Running a Virtual Dungeons and Dragons Program

Cindy Shutts/ SLJ Teen Librarian Toolbox

Cindy interviews colleagues about moving their teen Dungeons and Dragons groups into the virtual world during Covid-19 lockdown. 

AI in the Library, round one

Andromeda Yelton

A post from a librarian technologist about developing an eight week course in artificial intelligence.

Casting a wide net: Alternative and non-traditional jobs for LIS pros

Hack Library School

Library and Information service professionals have many transferable skills, but it can be difficult to know where to look for positions outside of traditional libraries. This post suggests some alternative career paths. 

Leading the Library by Looking Beyond the Library

Jennifer K. Frederick, Christine Wolff-Eisenberg/ Ithaka S+R

What is the role of the library director? Ithaka S+R analyse the responses to their Fall 2019 national survey of library deans and directors, to look at how their management style and perceived support from managers affects their library strategy.  

On the frontlines of an infodemic, Wikipedians and librarians join forces

Alex Stinson/ Medium

The rise of misinformation during the Covid-19 pandemic has again highlighted the importance of access to reliable sources of information. Librarians are working to strengthen wikipedia with the annual campaign #1Lib1Ref.

It’s time to cut the CRAAP

Librarian of Things

How can students be taught to fact-check information they find on the internet? In this post, Mita Williams argues the CRAAP system is inadequate, and suggests other methods for how to tell fact from fiction. 

Marketing is Not a Dirty Word! Why Libraries Need to Promote Themselves Now, More Than Ever

Super Library Marketing

Making library services 'marketable' can be a contentious subject, as the practice of marketing has strong links with selling a product. Having attended the Edge 2020 conference and seeing innovative initiatives at UK libraries, Angela Hursh argues that free services can and should be promoted, as libraries must communicate their value to a wider audience.

Our Towns: The Post-pandemic Future of Libraries

Deborah Fallows/ The Atlantic

With many libraries already developing their digital offering and looking at new ways to engage patrons, what is the future of libraries post pandemic? This post considers some of the lessons learned from libraries around the US.

We’re Here Because We’re Here

Libraries Gave Us Power

The lengths that library staff have gone to in order to support patrons during the pandemic is, quite rightly, being widely celebrated. However, this post reminds us that we must not ignore the legitimate concerns of employees and the negative effects such as layoffs and pushing staff to return to work when they don't feel safe. 

Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Smithsonian Libraries/ Unbound

If you are a puzzle fan or looking for a challenge, check out these customisable digital jigsaw puzzles with images from the Smithsonian digital collection.

New Long Overdue Podcast Series: Cultivating Your Library’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


A discussion debunking myths about entrepreneurs and about developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the first in this new Long Overdue podcast series.

Code4Lib Journal, Issue 48, 2020-05-11

The latest issue of the Code4Lib journal is now out, with articles on Leveraging Google Drive for Digital Library Object Storage, tools and workflows from the  LibGuides Management Team at Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Libraries, A Case Study of a Digital Collections Twitterbot Implementation and more.

Public Libraries in Europe and COVID-19: Findings from NAPLE Members, April 2020


This report presents findings from National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe (NAPLE) members across Europe regarding the way that COVID-19 has affected public library services. 

It addresses topics such as the engagement of staff during closures, efforts by libraries to support national healthcare initiatives and library efforts to address misinformation about the COVID-19 virus.


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