Why are we losing so many girls to suicide

[Dr Hannah McGlade, SBS]

Many of the recent cases of Indigenous youth suicide have concerned young girls from my country; Rochelle Pryor, Linda Cockie and Jade Hill-Collard are their names and we should remember them and their names.

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Murdering Gully settlers killed 35 Aborigines and threw bodies into the water

[Thomas J Rogers, The Guardian]

Most of the people encamped on the banks of Mount Emu Creek were of the Tarnbeere gundidj clan, members of the Djargurd wurrung language group.

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Archibald Entry - Dr Jandamarra Cadd

[by Amy Cadd]

Last week renown Australian Artist Dr Jandamarra Cadd revealed his 2019 entry into the Archibald Portrait Prize amidst gasps from the crowd gathered at the newly opened Henderson Gallery in Brisbane. 

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Celebrating Poetry in First Languages this World Poetry Day

[by Sophie Rosenthall]

The program, which is entering its 2nd year, celebrates, shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations language and culture through teaching school students from Years 3-11 poetry, music, dance and art.

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