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Memoir Writing Gym - January

Dear writer,

Thank you for joining me on a memoir writing journey last year. It meant the world to me! Whether we met just once, or many times, I truly appreciate your courage and sharing your story. I want to help you write it down. You kept me accountable to write for and show up for our meetups and as a result I published my first essay. It was accepted by Writer Shed Stories.  It's your turn now!

As a humble thank you I would like to send you twelve emails, one each month, with all kind of useful memoir writing information - writing tips and articles, prompts, classes, workshop, literary events and more.  If you'd like that, stay tuned! If for any reason you prefer to take a creative writing break, click the magic word 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of this email. 

Best, iliana

The naked truth: How to write a memoir

"When writing your life story you need to be candid, authentic and artful - but don't forget the jokes"

Blake Morrison

1. Grab the reader’s attention from the off

2. Put us there

3. Dramatize yourself as the narrator

4. Be strict about point of view

5. Choose your tense carefully 

6. Remember God is in the detail

7. Use the same storytelling devices that novelists use – plot, character, voice, motif and structure

8. Give signposts 

9. Be surprising 

10. Pace the story                    [ Full Article here ]

Upcoming Events

12 Jan 2020, 6pm

Before & After the book deal

Before and After the Book Deal

Introducing A Writer’s Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book, with Courtney Maum & Rebecca Makkai

Organized by American Writers Museum

* * *

14 Jan 2020, 6pm, Free

How and why to write and publish a memoir

A presentation and panel discussion with Margaret McMullan, Rich Lindberg, Donna Urbikas and David Burner

Organized by Midland Authors

* * *

20 Jan 2020, 7pm

Essay Fiesta

A night of a night of first-person, non-fiction essays

* * *

30 Jan - 5 March 2020

Memoir Writing Class with Beth Finke

This class for all levels will get you writing in no time

Writing Prompt

One time I felt loved

Think of a time you felt genuinely loved,  by a parent, a partner in a relationship, or anyone who made you feel loved, be it for a brief but intense moment.

It could be the first time you felt so, the last time, or any time in your life. What made that moment special, why does it stay with you, what do you remember.


We become better writers by writing and reading. This section highlights memoirs worth reading. I recently read two memoirs on home and belonging, written by Chicago authors. Truly enjoyable!

The consequence of stars, by David W. Berner

Under the Birch Tree, by Nancy Chadwick

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