Snoozy OfficeDog   

Hiya wonderful Supporters!

     We continue to carefully ease some of the lockdown restrictions here in Ontario; fingers crossed for a continued smooth transition.  Hope you're all keeping safe <3

     A couple of new videos this week:

  • Here's an exclusive FIRST LOOK at my new Wise Woman youtube video; hope it makes you smile. No one else will get to see or hear it until tomorrow. :)  It joins the new video for Circle Complete that I put up on Wednesday... with more peaceful and relaxing Incantations still to come. 

     Ben & I were working in our studio yesterday, getting prepped for our April 1 "Tricksters" concert a week from now. During a break, I got trapped under a sleepy puppy... what could I do? I wasn't about to disturb him :) So I got Ben to film this week's Together video newsletter -- you can check it out on Youtube. 

     Hugs from me and OfficeDog - <3 Heather

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