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Curiously, the Chinese dragon´s name is LOG

One topic today, and I ask you one thing: please

DECIDE to understand.

Reminder 1: the conditions of hypnosis used here are various aspects supposedly large enough to allow a better realization of what happens. One could, of course, conceive others, I´d love to see yours.

Passivity = you give up control of your life to someone else

Disinterest = it seems obvious that one comes there because of boredom

The group = the larger the group, the easier hypnosis is because of the contagion

the starting suggestion is the argument that will attract you, i.e. the seduction

What are the benefits that they boast about, you can also study those for the manipulators

The manipulators = to know who they are, to find their different positions and why is hypnosis useful to them

Reminder 2: The suggestions of the New Age deprogrammers are all the more powerful because they have been consciously accepted, some new trigger buttons: religion is ridiculous, there´s neither god nor devil, sentimental intuition.

Because in the list today is religion (or the art of making friends ...)

There is no point in looking for the difference between political parties and religions, it is much more useful to know that religion is a Western phenomenon adapted to the particular sentimental and anthropomorphic tendencies of Westerners (not to mention the recent changes in Orientals due to globalization) - I leave out the South American traditions which are too poorly known, and yes, Muslims are more of the Western type.

Then, apart from very few exceptions, sociologists, anthropologists, other blabla-logists and historians of religion study in modern rationalist universities, mix everything up and understand very little.

In reality, there are only 3 religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism (the conception of the religion seems to be of Judaic origin and means a set of rites, dogmas, and cult - I guess that makes me a Nazi). The others that are thrown into the same tomb are spiritual traditions that do not have the sentimental element, which is the source of dogmas, morality and "belief".

A religion is a spiritual tool providentially revealed by the Infinite to a particular group of people and at a particular historical moment (I will come back to History, it is enough for the moment to say that these revelations were made during various qualitative changes of the Cosmos which occurred during this last historical period: Iron Age, Kali Yuga ...), and unfortunately they were quickly distorted by men.

As a musical detail, I always found it amusing that while the Vatican considered itself as having the monopoly of the Holy Spirit, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, a notorious Protestant, is obviously directly inspired by the Logos.

Now, let´s go to the zoo

Hypnosis and religion

Passivity: Do you know someone who knows what to do during a Mass / Shabbat / Great Prayer, because he knows what's going on? 

Disinterest: can you be interested in what you do not understand?

Group: well? Wasn´t it clearly stipulated that the correct prayer is done in isolation, silence, and unbeknownst to others?

Starting Suggestion: You are saved if you are baptized, if you cut hands and heads, or if you have your sins forgiven as a bundle once a year

Benefits: It remains to be known how people conceive eternal life, but we can still satisfy ourselves with the opportunity to meet one´s neighbors every Friday, Saturday or Sunday ...

Manipulators: the imam or the rabbi both ended up playing the same "preacher" role disconnected from the Infinite.

"Jesus sat down, and wept ..."

Which is an excellent conclusion.

The Running Vicar
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Gilles Zimmermann

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