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Double Down

August 2018

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s ‘104-Storey Treehouse’ is the Circle Best Seller this August with 1321 copies sold. ‘Scrublands’ by Chris Hammer has taken second place with 888 sales, and Scott Pape’s ‘Barefoot Investor’ remains in the top three, selling 854 copies.

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Sales in August 2018 vs. August 2017:

  • ALL: -1.7%  (previous month: -3.36%)
  • Australia: -5.28%  (previous month: -6.61%)
  • New Zealand: +11.05%  (previous month: +7.73%)

A positive increase in sales compared to last month is seen across the community in the lead up to Christmas.  See Backoffice > Reports > Monthly Sales to see YTD trends.

Do you sell books on ebay?

Following our successful ABE.Books integration it has been suggested that we also integrate with ebay. Please email Lucy at if this appeals to you.

Beta Test Requests & What's Next

This August we focussed on improving the speed of the system and management of the load on our servers. We are developing a range of features that will benefit secondhand booksellers, you are more than welcome to contribute ideas to our work in progress document if you wish.

New Feature:

  • Order State Changing: Sales orders, quotes, appro etc. can now be changed to another type without having rekey. (video)

Beta Test Requests:

  • The ability to add a local image – particularly needed by second hand booksellers. (video)
  • Sorting of customer orders has changed from URL to a database sort, enabling sorting on very large orders of 500+.
  • We have changed the database to improve speed/reduce load in general, but in particular PO carts and anything to do with order items should be faster. This is a fairly major change so please try it on beta and let support know if you find issues.
  • Please email if you are interested in testing Rails 4.
Click Here for the Full List of New Features and Improvements

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