Someone's texting you.

You got to walk the dog, take out the trash. There's just four more hours to go on your day job before you go home...

... I think it's safe to say we all have tons of necessary and niddling things that have little to do with being creative. It's stuff that needs to get pushed out of the way, muddle through, forge on ahead, whatever you call it to get to the 'good stuff,' which is your comic book, painting, sculpture, novel, whatever it is that really defines 'you.'


I took a poll.

I asked some people on Facebook and Reddit what they did to get into 'the zone.'

  • One said he keeps his phone handy and uploads thoughts, writings, notes throughout the week doing mundane tasks like working out or shopping. Then on Friday he compiles all that stuff into one Google doc to act as source material for his final drafts.
  • Another writes down his ideas, but then sets aside a time and place with no distractions, just lying there on the bed. No music no phone no internet. He lets the ideas drift into his mind.
  • Another said it finds him when he's overwhelmed, overloaded with the day's activities. A flash of inspiration while on the beach, at the shop, on Mainstreet.


Awareness and clarity.

For myself, being in 'The Zone' means you're truly in a complete and utterly comprehensive state of mind, state of being. Your sense of self starts dropping away. You cease thinking altogether, replacing it with awareness and clarity.

It's a cool state of mind to be in, and of course you want it to always be there for you when you need it. There's times when The Zone doesn't happen, but you keep on working anyway. It's elusive, like trying to catch a fish. All you can do is drop your line with some bait and hope you get a bite.

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