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4th IEF-EU Energy Day: The green new deal and circular economy
Riyadh, KSA, 18 February 2020

The Fourth IEF-EU Energy Day will take place on 18 February 2020 at the International Energy Forum (IEF) headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Secretary General of the IEF, Dr Sun Xiansheng and the Ambassador of the European Union to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, HE Michele Cervone d’Urso will open discussions on the Green New Deal and Circular Economy.

Dialogue will help to identify opportunities for cooperation among government and industry in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and to strengthen policies that facilitate cross-border trade, technology transfer, and investment in energy sector transformations for a secure and sustainable world. 

The Network will be represented by its Director Mr Frank Wouters who will present "The EU Perspective: the New Green Deal and Circular Economy". 

More information about the event and the agenda can be found here.

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, Challenges and Solutions
Kuwait, 3-4 March 2020

The Kuwait Geographical Society is organising the "Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, Challenges and Solutions" conference on 3-4 March 2020 which is under the patronage of  the Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science.

The conference topics include among others the modern technologies in renewable energy, GIS and remote sensing applications in renewable energy, local, Arab and global applied models for renewable energy and more. 

The Network will be present at the 2-day conference as Frank Wouters, Network Director, is invited to participate as a Key-Note Speaker. 

Check out the event's webpage for frequent updates.

Intersolar Middle East
Dubai, UAE - 3-5 March 2020

Middle East Energy (MEE), Intersolar and ees are joining hands to co-deliver a renewables and energy storage event at Middle East Energy 2020, scheduled for 3-5 March 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

The Network is invited to participate at the 2-day conference which aims to provide concentrated insights into the transformative dynamics of renewable energies around the world, emphasising on how various technologies can produce synergies and, in turn, create an integrated energy system.

Specifically on March 3rd, Nick Carter, Network’s Convener on Electricity Interconnections, participates at the Expert Panel “Identifying Market Leaders and Trends by Segments - Seeing Tomorrow's Market Today”. The focus of the session is the market viability and scalability of solar plants in the region, the innovative PV applications with the potential to transform industrial and the commercial buildings into small-scale solar power plants.

On March 4th, Dr Mustapha Taoumi will present at the Innovations Ahead - Disruptive Technologies, Hybrid Systems and Smart Grid Solutions session. The aim of the session is to analyse how reliable power grid infrastructure can be ensured throughout the energy transition and the ways in which technologies such as flexible demand-side response can help to create an energy system fit to face future challenges.

The detailed agenda of the 2-day conference is available here.

Workshop "Geopolitics and Energy Transformation in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood: Eastern Partnership, Russia, Central Asia, and Persian Gulf"
Warsaw- Poland, 3-4 February 2020

The Network was present at the 2-day workshop “Geopolitics and Energy Transformation in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood: Eastern Partnership, Russia, Central Asia, and Persian Gulf" that took place in Warsaw, Poland on 3-4 February 2020. The event was organised by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) and the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). 

38 experts attended the workshop who examined the key actors and drivers of the energy transition in the countries of EU’s Eastern partnership, Russia, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf and discussed the role and the priorities for action for the European Union in these regions within the context of the EU’s green deal.

The event consisted of five panel discussions, namely:

Panel 1: The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation in Russia; 
Panel 2: The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation in EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood. Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine; 
Panel 3: The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation in EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood. Part 2: Caucasus and Central Asia; 
Panel 4: The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation in the Persian Gulf: Part I; 
Panel 5 – The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation in the Persian Gulf: Part II

During the two last panels discussions the presentations and the followed discussions were rich in information and insights provided by the experts, including the representative of the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network Dr. Mustapha Taoumi

Network presence at the World Future Energy Summit 2020
Abu Dhabi, UAE

9th EU Energy Day: on the road to becoming a climate-neutral continent

The 9th EU Energy Day “On the road to becoming a climate-neutral continent” was part of the EU side events at the World Future Energy Summit and was held on Monday 13th in Abu Dhabi.

This year, the EU Energy Day discussed the European Green Deal, proposed just a couple months ago by the new European Commission under the leadership of President Ursula von der Leyen, setting as its key priority for the next five years to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent. 

All relevant information as well as the delivered presentations are available here

Energy Forum WFES 2020:

  • Frank Wouters, Network Director presented at the As renewables rise, does flexibility surpass baseload for grid stabilisation?” session of the Energy Forum, that took place on Monday 13 January 2020. 
  • Frank Wouters, Network Director moderated the “What is the role of the Green Hydrogen in the GCC?” session that took place on Tuesday 14 January 2020. 
  • Dr Mustapha Taoumi, Network's Clean Energy Technology Key Expert participated as a panelist at the discussions of the “The business case for off-grid electricity generation” session that tool place on Wednesday 15 January 2020. 
  • Nick Carter, Network's Electricity Interconnections and Market Integration Convener moderated the “Mitigating PV performance degradation” session on Thursday 16 January 2020. 
  • Frank Wouters, Network Director joined the discussion of the Disruptive innovative solutions enabling 100% renewable power systems by mid-century” session organised by IRENA on Tuesday 14 January 2020. 


Interviews within the Energy Forum WFES 2020

Frank Wouters, Network Director was interviewed at the Transparency House. He mainly expained the Network's mission and vision as well as the colloboration potential between the EU and GCC. 

Dr Mustapha Taoumi, Network's Energy Technology Expert shared his views on the clean energy developments in the GCC countries at the Sky News Arabia. 

Stay tuned!!

Soon we will announce a series of events that will take place under the frame of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 in Brussels, Belgium and the EXPO2020 in Dubai, UAE as well other events in the EU and the GCC region. 


Α new briefing paper was prepared as part of the Center for Mediterranean Integration’s Mediterranean Forum on Electricity and Climate Change. The paper is a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (EC DG Energy) and Directorate General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement (EC DG NEAR) and the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI).

The paper is available here.

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