Three great resources for starting your drawing journey.

If you're an aspiring comic book artist here's three books that you'd be well served to study. Click on the image to go to the link to purchase the book.

Burne Hogarth.

A true master using actual medical-grade human anatomy in depicting the body in a way that's true and realistic!

Betty Edwards.

Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain does carry some trendy writing from the late 1970s, the idea that the human brain has two halves. Still a great textbook!

the 'Marvel Way.'

Again, a 1970s throwback. Originally a primer for artists trying out to work in comics, this book got my attention back in the day.

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For me, drawing has been fun at times, and a hard journey other times, but well worth it for the experience. Even after all these years, I find myself learning new things.

Have a great weekend!

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