We were talking about great Valentine's Day commercials recently and a friend of mine mentioned The Hardchorus. It's a great campaign that launched a few years back when there was a big football (er, soccer?) game happening on the same day.

"Sure," I said when the campaign was mentioned, "I remember it, Heineken did a great job, as always!"

My friend looked perplexed.

"But it was done by Puma..."

We laughed and then I thought about it a bit more. And this is actually a great example of how a brand can occupy your mind so fully. I've come to associate Heineken with football and there's no space for another brand in this neurological pathway.

Heineken has done so many great football-themed campaigns over the years that any new football-themed campaign gets linked to the brand. One-off wonders like Puma can win at the moment, but a few years down the line the connection is completely erased in favor of the stronger link of the consistent player.

What type of association do you need to create in your customer's mind? The answers will differ but the way to get there is the same — through consistent engaging content.

Be consistent,

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Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This great Heinz campaign — they asked people to draw ketchup. Everyone drew a bottle of Heinz. It's some great social proof that strengthens the brand's position even further (and it's hilarious to watch!)
  • This animated series from Mailchimp — a new, animated comedy series about the ups, downs, and sometimes-painful truths of life as an entrepreneur or small business owner.
  • This great opportunity for me to give away some prizes to y'all — just in case you missed last week's announcement: I'm running a giveaway to celebrate 15 years of blogging and the great community behind this newsletter. If you're already a subscriber, leave the same email to register your interest and invite friends for additional entries. Good luck!

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