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Behind the Scenes

I spent a delightful day last week helping my friend Courtney Martin fire her kiln. She fires with wood - which means for 16-18 hours straight she needs to add more wood every 3-5 minutes. As you can imagine - it's a day to have some helpers. 🙂

She's unloading and photographing the fabulous pots now. You can see some of them on her Instagram feed. And if you're interested in pottery - take a look at Cousins in Clay. They have a show up here in the mountains every Labor Day weekend - but this year it's going to be online. In addition to a pottery sale, they'll be doing demos, studio tours, and more this Saturday and Sunday. It's how I'll be spending my weekend. 🙂

Read on to see what's new in my Shiny Happy World!

What's New

The Arctic Chill quilt pattern is finished! Woo hoo!

I'm so happy with how this turned out! It's got all the info that my patterns usually have - and so much more! 

  • There are fourteen animals instead of the usual twelve.
  • The lemming templates come in two sizes so you can make a full-sized lemming like the other blocks, or pop lots of little lemmings in to visit their Arctic friends.
  • The pattern includes SVG files for use with electric cutting machines.
  • There are two video tutorials for every block - one with me talking you through the process, and another shorter one showing just the assembly with some fun music - a perfect shortcut for those already familiar with my patterns who still want to see how each block goes together.
  • The templates have additional placement lines to help you get your finished blocks just right.

Now the pattern is in your hands and I can't wait to see the versions you create! This morning I woke up with a vision in my head of the same animals but with all the background blocks in shades of solid grey - so I might have to create a new fabric bundle and make another sample very soon. 😄

If you pre-ordered the pattern you should have already received an email with a link to download the finished pattern.

If you haven't ordered it yet - you can get the pattern here.

Let's Hear from You!

Look at the fun quilt that Laney made for her newest grandbaby! She used the Dinosaurs pattern, but skipped the sashing and used extra-fabulous colors!

Head over to the Shiny Happy People group to see see what everyone's making - and to share your own photos! And (especially if you're making the new Arctic Chill quilt) don't feel like you have to wait until the whole quilt is finished. Share your blocks as you go - just like I did when I was creating the pattern!

Old News

Oldies but goodies from the archives. :-) Just click on the image to read more. 

This week I'm sharing things that connect with the new Arctic Chill quilt pattern - either tools that will help you with the quilt, or other Arctic-themed projects if quilting's not your thing. 🥰


I LOVE these scissors for cutting my applique shapes. They're so precise!

If you're going to use the new Arctic Chill pattern to make a cuddly rag quilt, these are the snips to use to cut all those seams.

Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Lizzie is all ready to visit the Arctic. 🥰 The collection includes patterns for a long-sleeved dress, the coat, hat, and boots.

Almost all the stitching on that coat, hat and boots uses a simple chain stitch.


Byron the Bear is ready for winter. Make him extra Arctic by using white yarn to make a polar bear!

To add the turtleneck to Byron's sweater I turned one round of crochet into two by stitching one round through the front loop and the other round through the back loop. This post helps explain the difference.

Embroidery and Felt

Ever since I finished this sample I've wanted to stitch a second version using white for all the polar bears, and the palest pastels for the hills. It would look like the bears are hiding in scoops of ice cream! 😄

This is the felt bundle I'd use for those sherbet-ish hills.

Back in Stock

Last week I received shipping notifications for a TON of fabric - all scheduled to arrive throughout this week. I have several orders I've been waiting on for ages, and I'm not sure exactly what's on its way to me - but I'm pretty sure the shipment arriving tomorrow is Warm Neutrals. Other outstanding orders that could be here very soon include Green Batiks, Rainbow Brights, Rainbow Sherbet, Little Stripes, Gingham Play, and a Halloween bundle for a fun Quilt-Along coming soon.

I'll announce what's back in stock in next week's newsletter, but if you can't wait that long keep an eye out in the Shiny Happy People group. I'll make announcements there as I get bundles cut and restocked.

Coming soon!

So much fabric! I have a suspicion all I'll be doing for the rest of the week is cutting fabric, but if there's a gap between deliveries I'll be updating the seal, fox, and muskox patterns to include the new SVG files and additional tutorial videos.

Have a fabulous week, everyone! Happy stitching!


PS - This xylophone built in a Japanese forest is just beautiful. Things like this are why I love the internet so much.

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