Oh my the robots are coming!

"I want to demonstrate that it's not just learning to program that's easy, but the art of entrepreneurship itself. You can be a teenager in your bedroom and create a company."

Who remembers 17yr old Nick D'Aloisio who in 2013 sold his company to Yahoo! for $30M?

Coming across his story again earlier this week it was a stark reminder of the importance of teaching entrepreneurship at a young age.

Arguably the most successful young tech entrepreneur in UK, Nick said:

"Without you all, this never would have been possible. I'd also like to thank my family, friends and school for supporting me."

Credit: Nate Lanxon / Canon 5D MkIII

It's rare that someone so young can connect the skill he'd acquired at 12 yrs old as a computer programmer with the mindset of an entrepreneur that made his idea a reality.

This evening at 8PM I'll be LIVE on BBC Radio London 94.9 talking about the impact Universal Credit is having on our society. 

What does that have to do with entrepreneurship and young Nick D'Aloisio I hear you ask?

Well, I find it incredible that be it those struggling with Universal Credit or coding at 12yrs old, entrepreneurship is a vehicle we can ALL use to change our circumstance or empower our decisions. 

It's my hope that the next generation, much like Nick can use entrepreneurship when they really need it.

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