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The countdown for the Bossing the Cowboy release continues—only THREE weeks to go now! We have a new excerpt for you below :) 

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Single dad ✔️

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Angsty, slow-burn romance ✔️

Small-town, Southern romance ✔️

Big family setting ✔️


Super hot and brooding hero ✔️

Smart and hard-working heroine ✔️


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Enjoy this unedited and subject to change excerpt :)


“I think it’s adorable after all these years, you and Dad can still stand each other to work with each other and raised a family. Hopefully someday I’ll find a guy who will make me as happy as you two make each other.” I sit on one of the barstools as Mom pours creamer into our coffees. 

“Trust me, it wasn’t always easy. Still isn’t, we’re just good at navigating the issues now.” 

I grab my mug and take a sip. Though I plan to go to bed soon, I can’t ever deny a hot cup of Ma’s coffee.

“I bet you two used to sneak around at work a lot. Amiright?” I waggle my brows. “The on-call or empty patient rooms.”

Mom barks out a laugh, then blushes. “What do you mean used to? We gotta keep the spice up somehow.” 

I pretend to gag and she smirks. “See? That’s what I want. I don’t think it’s in the cards for me though.”

“Well, how hard are you even tryin’? You eat, breathe, and sleep your studies and job. Unless you’re hoping to date a professor or your boss, you’re not really putting yourself out there.”

My cheeks heat at the mention of my boss. After that awkward night at the club last November and his short temper, it’s still tense between us. He snaps at me or acts like I’m invisible the majority of the time and though I suspect he’s dating someone now, you’d think he’d be in a better mood. The main reason I stick it out is because he’s a great teacher and I needed the hands on experience.

“That’s definitely not happenin’, so perhaps I’ll borrow Maize’s old plan before she met Gavin and become a nun.”

Mom rolls her eyes. “You’re too young to give up. Trust me, it’ll happen when you least expect it.” 

Of course she’d say that but I appreciate it either way. 

“At this rate, Ethan and Harper will give you grandchildren before I do.”

“Have they finally admitted they’re together?” Her eyes widen, and I chuckle at her eagerness.

“Nope. But maybe it’ll be a Thanksgiving miracle and they’ll finally announce it.”

Mom smirks, quickly cleaning up the kitchen. “They’re young too, they’ve got time. Don’t rush. I had a full-on career before I gave your dad a chance.”

She rounds the counter and kisses my cheek. “Just don’t your grandmother I said that.”  


Get caught up on the Circle B Ranch series before the next three release this summer! Each book is about a different couple and can be read as stand-alones but best read in order as you'll see glimpses of previous and future  characters in each book.

Roping the Cowboy is a novella we included in this series, but it's not a second-generation story and is best read after the Bishop Brothers series and Make Me Stay (a crossover from another series and an interconnected stand-alone). 

You can even grab Roping the Cowboy and book 1 in the Bishop Brothers, Taming Him for FREE!



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