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This week I want to share an idea for fellow makers that are just getting started and maybe haven't build a project before.

The idea I have in mind can be built very simply, but I'll also share a way to automate it, which is a bit more complex.

It's for anyone that is intrigued by the indie hacker community, is starting out with building an audience on Twitter, and is looking to launch a small experiment.

🔥 Problem

Indie Hackers add new projects to indiehacker.com almost every day. I love to get inspired by these projects, but I forget to check what's new.

🧯 Solution

A weekly newsletter that shares new projects added to indiehackers.com/products.

👍 What are the benefits

  • Get inspired and understand trends by observing what others are launching.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with other indie hackers.
  • Be the first one to share interesting products with your audience.
  • Help fellow makers gain first signups.

🤑 Are people currently spending money on this?

The short answer is no. I think that this is not a project you can monetize directly. However, it is great if you are just getting started in the indie hacker community and want to make a name for yourself. People appreciate it when you give exposure to their work.

💵 Possible Monetization Stream

You could monetize this with advertisement once you have enough subscribers.

✅ What do I need to validate?

Are people interested in getting a weekly email with new products from fellow indie hackers?

🧰 How I'd validate?

I'd build a signup page, before doing any automation work and building the scrapers. See if people actually leave their email addresses. You can create each issue manually. Eventually, if interest picks up, you can automate the whole process using a scraping tool like simplescraper.io to get the data, store it in Airtable and send an email using Mailgun. You can connect all these components with Integromat or Zapier. (Send me a DM on Twitter if you are interested in more details).

🤔 How will I get my first 10 customers?

Use this as an opportunity to build your audience. Start interacting with other indie hackers on Twitter, reply to their posts. Share what you are planning to build.

Once you launch, tag every indie hacker featured in your newsletter to broaden your reach.

📈 Will it be sustainable?

This is a very tiny project, but I think it's great for someone just starting out with indie hacking. But if you automate it, this could be a very nice passive source of fans for you.

👉 My Score

  • Usefulness: 💪💪 (Medium)
  • Complexity: 👩‍💻 (Low)
  • Excitement: 🔥🔥 (Medium)

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