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From Whiskey and Wolves:
Noelle stepped back and shook her head to clear it of disappointment. “Why did you even want to talk if you were planning on walking away?”

“What the fuck do you want from me? I’m no good for a child. I can’t teach her anything useful.”

“Don’t curse!”

Jensen turned to her, eyes flaring gold. “Fuck,” he emphasized with another growl.

“No!” Sienna yelled from the doorway into the kitchen.

Her little shape shimmered and twisted until a black wolf pup shook out of the clothes the little girl had been wearing. She charged into the living room, bit down on Jensen’s jeans, and tugged. Her ears pinned back to her skull and her tail pointed right down to the floor.

Jensen shook his leg with a sharp snarl.

Sienna let go with a high-pitched whine and tumbled over backward in her haste to get away. Paws scrabbled at the floor underneath her until she found her footing and ran, knocking against the leg of the table. Her cup wobbled before falling over.

The steady drip, drip, drip of juice hitting the floor was the only noise for a long second.

Monster. Probably a murderer. Definitely a rough, bar brawling, whiskey shot slinging, ass.

His life wasn’t compatible with hers. His temper wasn’t suitable for children.

Noelle didn’t know what she’d expected. Something better than the last jerk she dated. She’d sworn off men who talked down to her and made her feel small and, because of him, found herself in Jensen’s arms for the night. She wouldn’t let Jensen make her or Sienna feel small, either.

“Look at what you’ve done! Get out. Get out, now!” Noelle yelled in a whisper. She shot him a dirty look over her shoulder and rushed after the little pup. “Sienna, sweetie, it’s okay. He didn’t hurt me. He won’t hurt you. I promise. He’s leaving now.”

She expected the door to slam shut behind her. The footsteps that followed her instead were both surprising and unwelcome.

“Let me try,” Jensen said in a soft voice.

Steel wrapped in cloth, Noelle thought.

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New from friends!

Her Alien Alpha (Salvaged Hearts Book 1)

He’s trouble. He’s dangerous. He’s hunted.
And now he’s got me, he won’t let go.

I'm not in space to meet a man. The crew of the Ladies’ Choice left Earth to work without distractions, so we have a rule: no men on board. That rule went out of the airlock when I found Delkor.

An alien cyborg, locked in stasis for decades since the Big War. Leader of the rebels who took down an Empire. A smoking-hot alien alpha with a robot arm and a voice that melts me every time he speaks.

But he's as valuable as he is dangerous. The local gang bosses are powerful and will do whatever it takes to control Delkor, putting me and my crew in danger as long as he's with us.

Maybe walking away would be the smart thing to do, but I don’t have that option. Delkor wants me as much as I want him, and what he wants, he takes.

Her Alien Alpha is book one of the Salvaged Hearts Series. Each book is a complete science fiction romance story with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending guaranteed.


Echoes from the Veil (Aisling Chronicles Book 3)

Aisling Elizabeth Tanner is now the leader of the Faerie rebellion. Facing the end of the world, she will have to find the strength to lead the Fae to victory against the threat they face, or risk losing everything, including Finn, whom she’s come to love more than life.

Warrior Finn O’Connell wants nothing more than to fight by Elizabeth’s side. But an ancient Celtic goddess threatens to take charge of his soul, and he will have to wage a war within himself to save the rebellion from disintegrating into chaos.

Betrayal leads them into the Fae Underworld, where Finn discovers his greatest sacrifice might be letting Elizabeth go—forever.

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