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There's a saying, somewhere, that goes along the lines of "Drink coffee until it's time to drink wine." We don't know about you guys, but coffee is definitely on the list of things we at Quench can't live without.

Whether we're testing out the Collection Biologique by Montreal's CafĂ© TouchĂ© or the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker, we're always on the hunt for caffeine-filled brews that'll keep us going until it's time for wine (or beer... or even coffee-based cocktail). 

You've probably heard about the Cold Brew trend already. Read on to find out more about the concentrated caffeine that could change the way you look at your morning coffee.

Cold Brew: The Coffee Trend

Trade your steaming cup of coffee for something cooler. 

Get Caffeinated
Cold brew pros & cons

Pros: 2/3 less acid, 2/3 less caffeine, no oils, a concentrate that can last for a week, an individual strength cup, reusable filters, wonderful flavour, hot or cold. Cons: less acid, less caffeine, no oils, no brewing aroma, and a 12-hour process taking up space in the refrigerator. We examine this in detail.

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