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Boxing Day (today) starts the lull between Christmas Day and New Years where, if you're lucky enough to have the time off, you can catch up on the reading, rest and relaxation that isn't always possible throughout the year. We published longer articles throughout the year in the "Long Form" section of our website - here you'll find the latest in food and drink trends around the world. Grab a coffee, tea, or glass of your favourite beverage and take some time to yourself. 

You've earned it.

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Grab your favourite beverage, find a comfy chair and enjoy the best from our experts.

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More Holiday Tips

We have a few more articles scheduled for between Boxing Day and New Year's that we think you'll enjoy - including tips on crafting the perfect French charcuterie board and theme ideas for your New Year's Eve celebrations. You'll find these, and more, at Food + Living and Home + Style

A taste of this week's must reads
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