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NaNoWriMo Update!

We are now nine days into November, and I have discovered that writing under pressure is just not for me, at least at this time. I need the freedom to be creative when the inspiration hits me, not on a schedule, or having to make a particular word count.

For this reason, I am stepping back from NaNoWriMo so that I can concentrate on finishing and polishing Shadow of the Crown instead.

Win a signed copy of Servant of the Crown

The quest to find a name for the world that Heir to the Crown takes place in is still on!

-Submit your suggestion by November 22 to win one of 10 signed copies of Servant of the Crown. 

-The best suggestion wins a signed copy of all four books in the series!!!

-Remember, it needs to be unique, imaginative, and not trademarked!

I look forward to reading your ideas, and choosing the best ones!

Sad news :(

Although the contest is still underway, Servant of the Crown did not make it to the semi-finals. Please continue to support all the authors still in the competition.

I am disappointed, but already thinking ahead to next year's competition!

Shadow of the Crown

Shadows lurk around every corner in Merceria. No one is safe!

Early on in the book, Hayley, King's Ranger turned Knight of the Hound, receives a coded message, and must figure out what it all means.

Read the letter below and imagine that you are Hayley: who is it from, who is it talking about, what does it mean? For bonus points, where are they to meet: hint - it is from Heart of the Crown.

Share your ideas with me!


Hayley Chambers,

I am writing to you to inform you of a situation that has developed regarding a mutual young friend. It appears that she is attending an exclusive party for her and her closest associates, and cannot leave at this time.

I am hoping that you might assist by meeting with us to talk over plans for her upcoming trip, assuming she can get away.

It is important that this be done as soon as possible as I believe her host has other plans that might conflict with ours. Please meet us at Aubrey's Quill at noon this day.

Your friend,


As seasons change, it's time for some new books.

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