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Toby Sinclair
Executive Director Strategy and Transformation | Leadership Coach | Agile Coach | Product Coach | Conference Speaker
It's 3 am. Your neighbours are playing loud music. ðŸŽĩ

What would you do?

I was faced with this dilemma on Saturday.

I'm a people pleaser. 🙏ðŸŧ

So my inner dialogue went something like this:

- Maybe it's their Birthday. 🎂
- Chill - they are just having fun. ðŸĪŠ
- No plans tomorrow. A little less sleep won't hurt. ðŸ˜ī

After a while. I'd had enough. I needed to take action.

My heart rate soared. It was like doing a skydive.

I knocked. 🚊

They answered. Apologised. Music stopped.

It was that simple.

For people-pleasers sharing bad news or engaging in conflict is hard.

What I hope this story shows. Many of these fears are just internal. They don't manifest in reality.

ðŸŸĒ What is your people-pleasing story?

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