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The Portal
Imagine. Believe. Discover.
July 2020 Edition


I’m SO excited to share with you the 1st edition of my author newsletter, The Portal!

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In this edition

  • Author Updates
  • Introducing: The Stelladaur Academy for Youth
  • Step Into The Portal
  • Beyond The Portal
  • Announcements
Author Updates

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The Stelladaur Academy for Youth

With online and stay-at-home learning the new norm, now is the perfect time to explore The Stelladaur Academy, providing exciting options to enrich and enhance the educational process.

The Academy motto is: “To facilitate the discovery of individual potential, and the development of confident, creative and compassionate youth. 

The Stelladaur Academy now offers a FREE downloadable Discovery Guide and an exciting Super Hero Activity Guide. Whether you are a tween, teen, parent or teacher, you will discover something truly remarkable at The Stelladaur Academy.

Step into a world where fantasy and reality unite!

Step Into the Portal

Each book of The Stelladaur Series is packed with thought-provoking gems from many of the characters. One of my most favorite quotes is from Book One, Finding Tir Na Nog, in a scene where the protagonist, Reilly, first finds out what a Stelladaur is and one of the remarkable ways a Stelladaur can be used. His dad said:

“One day, when he was old enough to appreciate its significance, Great Grandpa gave his son the stone, called a Stelladaur, as a gift. ‘The Stelladaur will lead you to your greatest desire,’ he told his son. ‘Most everyone has a wish, but only some have a true greatest desire.’ When my father asked Great Grandpa how he would know if he had a greatest desire, he replied, ‘A wish becomes a greatest desire at the very moment when a person’s belief in the seemingly impossible is stronger than any doubt.’”

What is your greatest desire?

That’s a big question! It may not be easy to answer—but why?

It could be because it’s easy to feel like obtaining a personal greatest desire is simply out of our reach. Too many setbacks, obstacles or roadblocks. Too many competing interests. Too-much-of-this or too-little-of-that. In a word, impossible! The list is endless and most of us are all too familiar with our own dreadful list.

However, here is a scientifically proven fact that can help. Are you ready? Our thoughts can literally help us create the life we want, if we become aware of our emotions and feelings surrounding our thought-patterns. When we focus our thoughts on the belief part of the equation—in other words, believing that it’s both possible and probable to have what we want most—then those things appear and become real in our life. It happens almost unexpectedly. Sort of like magic! And that’s the moment you know that your greatest desire is no longer merely a wish or fantasy.

I’ll explore much more on this topic in future editions. For now, know that The Stelladaur Series probes the boundaries of human possibilities!  Begin your Stelladaur adventure today!

Beyond the Portal

This is the place where you can look at a snippet of the real day-to-day life of S.L. Whyte. Some of the stuff beyond my writing life. Truth be told, I’m probably no different than you—and also very much like most authors—in that I struggle to find a balance between giving myself permission to do what I love to do and the reality that there are many things that I must do, or at least I feel that I must do. The irony is that whenever I invest my time in doing something that I truly love (writing, playing with grandchildren, kayaking, eating gourmet chocolate, and more), it’s like I step through a portal into a fantasy world—somewhere beyond—where time does not exist. There, time stands gloriously still. In this magical place, I experience everything in the present moment. I’m more aware, involved, focused and engaged in whatever I’m doing. I’m filled with a sense of awe, wonderment, and gratitude. I call it Creative Savoring.

Now, more than ever, Creative Savoring is vital for my emotional and mental wellbeing, and overall good health. Every day I have to consciously choose Creative Savoring, or it doesn’t happen. Go ahead and try it. Choose something you truly love to do. Something that you feel joyful and invigorated in doing. Come on … give yourself permission … do it today! Experience Creative Savoring—it will take you through a portal and beyond!


Online TV and movie streaming is a booming industry, bigger than ever before. With so many contenders in the game like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Direct TV, to name a few, creating original content specifically designed for TV series has become a multi-billion dollar business. Fortunately, YA fantasy is hot in streaming options!

I’m currently engaged in ongoing discussions with a producer who personally told me that The Stelladaur Series would work well as a streaming series! We are in preliminary discussions about this possibility. If I decide to take that journey, it will be exciting, exhilarating and probably exhausting. I’ll take you along for the ride with me—through The Portal. Stay tuned in the coming months for updates.


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