Community hangout | Impacts of the "era of global boiling" on the Caribbean

‘Olay, olay, olay, olay ah feeling hot, hot, hot’🎷🎶🎤

Surely you've boogied to this song in the past? Right? 💃🏾🕺🏾

And you enjoyed it too?!

But these words are quickly becoming more than a beloved soca classic, won’t you say?

Lately, Caribbean nationals have been bawling ‘me mind on fire, me soul on fire, ah feeling hot hot hot’ while meteorological offices across the region have been issuing ‘extreme heat advisories’

The World Meteorological Organization even named July 2023 the hottest month ever recorded!

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🟠 Dr. Kellon Bubb- Professor, Communications Consultant &  Journalist
🟠Cherisse Braithwaite-Joseph- Environmental Professional  

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Thursday 26th October, 2023  
⏰ 10AM (AST | Trinidad and Tobago time) | 9AM (EST | Jamaica time) | 8AM ( CST | Belize time)

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