I am rolling out THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!

And I'd love to see you there!

The Whole Enchilada is my flagship business course for ethical Creatives. Whether you are a designer, artist, metalsmith, landscape architect, quilter, a ceramics artisan - you get the gist - I can bring you into a lucrative, joyful, and ethical artpreneurship.

In a series of lectures, Discord chat rooms (yes!), and one-on-one coaching sessions we will cover soup-to-nuts of building or strengthening your creative business: mission statement and values, product pricing and operations, finance, marketing and collaborations, competitors and collaborators, customer care models, contingency plans - and authentic, joyful social media presence (one of my strengths)!

At the end of the course you will not only be ready to launch; you'll feel confident, excited, and energized - and you'll have a bona fide business plan!

Don't worry about subscribing to this list - there's no commitment on your part. You'll receive more information about the course and the opportunity to ask me any questions you have.

Join me!