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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America. I wish we’d copied Canada and held it a month earlier so there wasn’t so much overlap with Christmas. This meme made me laugh, but it’s kinda true, too.

According to my granddaughter, there’s a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving called “Friendsgiving,” which shows appreciation for people other than family. Paul and I got a jump on this (movers and shakers that we are) by celebrating an early Friendsgiving and three November birthdays with our fave travel buddies, Fred and Colleen, in Morro Bay last week. Here are some pics—and a recipe that Colleen made for us. She calls it “Titanic Chicken” because it was on the menu the night the big ship sank. It’s wonderfully simple and yet rather “highfalutin,” as my mom would have said. Fred says it’s best served with coconut rice. 😉

We camped for the second time at Morro Bay State Park. It’s wonderfully relaxing.

We had fun doing some mid-week shopping, which meant far fewer tourists. 😉 At the Shell Shop, Colleen found the perfect jigsaw puzzle for us to do while the guys wandered around talking “solar” for RVs with the other campers.

Although we missed the lunar eclipse because of fog, Colleen snapped this great shot the night before! Is it the moon? Or Saturn? 😉


Woot! Thank you ALL so much. Your votes really helped me fine tune both covers—more body, easy-to-read titles. Here’s the final (for now) version of each.

The two winning names drawn are:

Jessica Ackerman
Susan Daniels

Each winner may choose between a $5 Amazon e-gift card and a $5 Starbucks e-gift card.

Your second Christmas Bargain Book is also a great deal because it’s 50% off until my next newsletter on Thursday, December 9. It’s a second-chance-at-love story, which is one of my favorite tropes. And it’s set in Las Vegas, where I spent quite a few Christmases after my parents retired there. It took some getting used to a desert holiday vibe, but the town always provided unusual characters, a few who show up in A MATCH MADE IN VEGAS.

Deb’s Bookstore: A Match Made in Vegas
50% off code: MATCH50

As always…happy reading, my friends. Thanks for all your kindness, understanding, and support. I’m grateful for all of you.


Upcoming Wednesday – 12/9: December fun and games 😉 + Christmas Bargain Book #3, + the final two Black Hills covers vote



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