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May 9, 2020

"Incredible series and a must-read for sword, sorcery and fantasy lovers." - Ljp

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On the Homefront

Just as spring finally arrived, a Polar Vortex decided to descend on us. As I write this, snowflakes are falling, thankfully small ones that aren’t sticking around, but snow nonetheless. On the brighter of things, warm weather is promised so perhaps it will soon be possible to go outside without having to wear jackets? We can but hope.

Being a new month, the streaming services are offering up some new fare. We’ve been slowly watching season 4 of The Last Kingdom, trying to savour it over time rather than binge-watch it. The books on which it is based make up one of my favourite series, so it’s interesting to see these characters come to life. The only unfortunate thing is that this will be the last season! I did notice that Robert the Bruce is now available to rent, unfortunately not for free on Netflix, though. This was a movie made in 2019, not to be confused with The Outlaw King (which is a Netflix original). The trailer looks interesting, but I’ll hold judgement till I see it.

What about you? Any upcoming shows/movies that have piqued your interest?

Read Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic for FREE!

I wanted to make sure that everybody had an opportunity to read Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic, so here it is again just in case you missed it last week!

Spoiler alert - Although you can read this as a standalone, it will give you a better experience to read it after Shadow of the Crown, book four in the Heir to the Crown series.

Galleys and Sailing Ships, Oh My!

With the end of Temple Knight looming, I have been putting some research into naval battles. The use of Galleys (i.e.: rowed ships), dates back to ancient times and continued well into the Renaissance. The last great battle to use them in significant numbers was the Battle of Lepanto, fought in 1571. During that battle, an alliance of European states defeated the might of the Ottoman Empire in a fight that, in essence, became a land battle fought on ships.

I decided, when developing my fantasy world, that I would pull different elements from earth’s history, and the thought of an epic battle along the lines of movies like Cleopatra was too tempting to resist. Thus it is that the great powers of the Continent use galleys as their ships of war. The evolution of naval vessels is slower in the world of Eiddenwerthe, thus we have biremes (two banks of oars) as the main warships, the new triremes only having recently been developed. This slow development (compared to earth’s history) is mainly due to the influence of magic. Imagine how effective a ship at sea can be with a Fire Mage on board!

I experimented with this process in Ashes (The Frozen Flame: Book One), but in Temple Knight, it comes to the forefront, playing a vital role in the fate of the Continent. I can’t give much more away at this point since I don’t want to spoil the storyline, but let’s just say that magic plays a huge part!

Paul's Entertainment Pick of the Week - Upload

Every once in a while, a new show comes along that takes me by surprise. I had seen a new show listed on Amazon Prime called Upload, but hadn’t really paid much attention to it until I saw a trailer for it. The story takes place in the near future, where people can upload their consciousness into a computer, giving them a sort of immortality. Various companies vie for customers, each promising a different experience. The hero of the story, if you can call him that, is uploaded in the first episode, having been severely injured in a car accident. The other main character is his ‘angel’, the living person responsible for providing them with a smooth adjustment to their new ‘life’.

This series is part comedy and part drama. There are many references to existing companies, tied up in unusual combinations, along with subtle nods to the limits of technology. As the series progresses, however, the tone of the story gets darker, leading to an investigation into the circumstances of his death.

The show stars Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown, the newly digitized main character, and Andy Allo as his angel, Nora Antony. These two play their parts well, revealing little tidbits about their personalities as the story progresses. By the end, you will be rooting for both of them, but I will warn you, there is (hopefully) another season coming, so don’t expect everything to be wrapped up this year.

By the way, be on the lookout for some familiar faces, including the cigarette smoking man from the X-Files (though he’s playing a different character here.)

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Work in Progress Update

Temple Knight is moving inexorably toward its finale, with the stage now set for a titanic struggle that will determine who dominates in the Shimmering Sea. As the story approaches the end, I am taking time to consider the fate of the many interesting characters that now inhabit this new series. And just like in Heir to the Crown, there are characters that you are introduced in book one that may not reappear until book four or five, so you can rest assured that I will not be tempted to kill them all off as occurs in some fantasy series. I also have to look to the future and the continuation of Sister Charlaine’s remarkable career.

Of course, if you have read The Frozen Flame series, you know at least one who survives, for Sister Cordelia features prominently in Book Two, Embers, a story that takes place some years after the events of Temple Knight. Just because I’ll have penned the epilogue (or should I say typed) doesn’t mean I’ll be done with it, thoug., I still have edits and a read-through to look for inconsistencies and errors. It’s amazing, even in this age of spell checkers and grammar tools, how much can get by you.

What’s next? There’s still some debate about that. I will either be starting on Fury of the Crown (Heir to the Crown: Book Eight) or Flames (The Frozen Flame: Book Three). And there’s always the chance I might write a short story, as I often find these work well as a ‘palate cleanser’ before switching series.

Until next time, Happy reading!

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