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Hello !

First things first: a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Mona Alvarado Frazier (no relation -- we just both happen to be Alvarados - lol). She was the winner of last month's contest for a gift subscription to Bellevue Literary Review!

Summer is just around the corner and I am getting super excited to unveil the online version of my workshop:

You Need a Website! A Practical Guide to the What, Why and How of Building Your First Author Website

If this sounds like it might be a good workshop for you, click here to get early registration access; otherwise you'll hear more details about the course later this month.

Not sure if you need an author website? 

I made a handy flowchart to help you answer that. Grab it here: Do I Need an Author Website? 

Please share the post and flowchart with your writer friends.

In publication news, my scholarly article “Chicana in New York City: Gloria Anzaldúa on Spirituality and the City” was just published in MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States after YEARS in the making. I'm really proud of this one and am so grateful it's finally out in the world! You can read the abstract at the end of this email and can access the full text version (for personal, non-commercial use) on my website using the link above. 

Look at that; academics need websites too!

As for summer plans, I'll be staying close to home and prepping for this new baby's arrival this fall. 

I know, I know, that is way less exciting than the subject line suggested, but what can I say? I've got some serious nesting to do.

How about you? 

What do you have in store this summer? 

What's on your summer reading list?

Hit reply and let me know. I LOVE living vicariously through your summer adventures!

And if you're itching for a writing retreat or residency, but didn't line something up in advance, check out this blog post for inspiration on how you might DIY your own retreat: "10 Tips for Creating Your Own Writing & Strategic Planning Retreat."

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a productive and/or restful summer!

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Li Yun

P.S. Keep an eye out later this month for a few more emails about: "You Need a Website! A Practical Guide to the What, Why, and How of Building Your First Author Website."

Blog Posts & Publication Updates

In general I say: "If you're a writer, then you need a website." But maybe you're still not so sure, so I created a handy dandy flowchart to help you decide.

P.S. Sharing is caring; Please share this blog post with the writers in your life.

    Part 3 of a 3 part series I wrote last summer about my own DIY Writing & Strategic Planning Retreat.

      Check out the Instagram post below for more on how this article went from the seed of an idea in 2011 to a published article in 2011.

      Abstract: Building on recent Anzaldúa scholarship that foregrounds the importance of spirituality on her poetic and theoretical projects, this article draws attention to an often overlooked period that was critical to Gloria Anzaldúa’s spiritual development: 1981-85. During these productive years, she lived on the East Coast, primarily in Brooklyn, and she worked on several projects including portions of her groundbreaking mixed-genre collection Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (1987). By examining Anzaldúa’s references to New York in archival letters, interviews, prose, and poems, this article sheds light on her personal, poetic, and spiritual development during those East Coast years. In particular, it reads her poems “Antigua, mi diosa” and “Interface” within a New York City context for the first time and outlines the ways in which these poems foreshadow her future theorizations about “nepantla,” “the path of conocimiento,” and “spiritual activism.”

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      liyunalvaradoThis article is a big one for me. . It started in 2011 as a seed of an idea during a summer research fellowship trip to Austin where I poured over Gloria Anzaldúa’s archive. 📚 . I was graciously hosted that week by my dear friend and hermana in scholarship Dr. Irene Garza. 🙏🏽 . It turned into a few different conference presentations and eventually into a chapter in my dissertation. . Then I earned my degree in 2015, but I knew I wanted this material out in the world as an article. 👩🏻‍🎓 . And so the cutting and revising began. . I submitted a first article version in 2016, just a few weeks before my kiddo was born. 🤰🏻 . And then I forgot it — I had a newborn sucking up all my attention, after all! 👶🏼💫 . In December 2016 I received a coveted “revise & resubmit.” . I was excited and overwhelmed. . I had a three month old who loved to take naps on my lap, no regular childcare, and a six month away deadline that seemed doable, until it didn’t. . Thankfully the editors at MELUS were willing to work with me and my “Independent Scholar Mama with limited childcare” schedule as I worked through a series of revise & resubmits, final edits, and copy edits. 👩🏻‍💻 . And finally I completed this (unpaid) labor of nerdy love. . The proofs came January 2019, and last night I got the links to the abstract and full article 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 . This Boricua poeta in LA hopes other scholars will take some nugget from what I’ve written here and run with it — there is so much work to do on Anzaldúa’s time writing in and about New York, her work on spiritual syncretism and activism, and on Chicana writers in NYC more generally. . (Side note: If you would like the link to access and read the full article, DM me and I’ll send the info your way). 💻 . Many thanks as always to everyone who helped make this possible, who cheered me on, who granted permission to quote archival materials, and who read earlier versions of this piece. 🙏🏽 . #gloriaanzaldua #nyc #amwriting
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