There’s a great deal more to making a change than simply wanting to do so.

Joyous people are not only the happiest, but the longest lived, the most useful and the most successful.

~ Orison S. Marden

Postcard from Barbara

Time's Almost Up

Postcard from Barbara

I’m quite certain that I’m the only person who has a complete archive of back issues of Winning Ways newsletter. I’m also certain that when I go searching for something in my archives that I’ll stumble upon things I’d forgotten that demand to be revisited. 

That just happened when I saw an issue from 2002 with the lead “Fire Your Slavedriver.” The same issue has a piece called “Book a Paid Adventure,” another on “Banishing the Money Dragon,” one on “Free Marketing Through Talk Radio Shows.” along with several short tip sheets and a letter from a woman who realized corporate life was not for her. It was signed “from the dark, tiny cubicle in Toronto, Canada.”

When I started my first business, a personal growth program for women, I realized that the changes I was proposing required regular support. A newsletter which kept showing up was the perfect vehicle for that. 

After all, there’s a great deal more to making a change than simply wanting to do so. I believe that learning to think and act like an entrepreneur is very much like learning a foreign language. You can’t just hear the vocabulary once and be fluent. A print publication can introduce you to new ideas and information to add to your own journey. 

It’s also inspiring to hear about others who are living the Joyfully Jobless life. If you’re a current subscriber, you’ve already met Marianne Korten (pictured here) who is having a wonderful time as an international house and pet sitter. 

Of course, I love hearing from my subscribers. Here’s a recent message I got from a long time reader. 

Thank you for 3 things. First, I am so grateful for your jam-packed newsletter...that like a favorite candy bar i ration it to myself in daily bites. Although sometimes I don”t have the discipline and eat the whole thing the day I get it. Unlike the candy bar, I get read it again and again. 

Second thanks for your multiple profit centers concept which I learned about from you waaaay back at Open U. It was a welcome release from the drudgery of my corporate job to know i could gain freedom and enjoyment without having to feel chained to making a living in corporate environment only.

And last but not least—cuz I never thought of it this way—thank you for the line in the current newsletter about winding some profit centers down or even out entirely. I get to create new ones or keep the old ones. I never thought about it all being my choice! Maybe a hangover thought from the old idea of picking a career and sticking with it?  Thanks for reminding us — we get to choose. It’s not all or nothing!  

Your fan in MN, Jean Austin

Time's Almost Up

March 1st is almost here and with it the increase in subscription prices. If you wish to renew a current subscription or get your very own new one, don’t dither. 


Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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