Drones vs. Landowners - What's the Law Say?

Drones vs. Landowners

If you haven't seen a drone flying over your house yet - you will soon! Drones are very popular.

So what prevents your creepy neighbor from spying on you with his drone? Can they come into your yard? If they do, what can you do? Does the law protect you? Does the law even address this new technology? 

We tell you what you can - and cannot - do about it.

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The Fake Debt Collector Scam

This scam just keeps happening to our clients, so we thought we would republish this blog post. 

How would you know a debt collection call is just a scammer trying to steal your money? What would you do if you got such a call? 

We tell you how to spot them and what to do when you do. 

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L@L - Laughing at Lawyers

See Our Collection of Lawyer Jokes!

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