I'm showing up late today. Apologies.

My excuse (the one I'm going with, anyway) is that I was waiting for the latest newsletter from Impact PR & Communications to hit my inbox.  I knew what was coming and I wanted to share the topic with you as soon as I could. That topic? Lame announcements

Filomena (Impact's CEO) and I recently lamented the current flood of cliched statements (on the socials and elsewhere) - as we noticed that people and companies everywhere were using the same canned phrases to roll out their news...without ever breaking down why anyone else should care.

We wondered: Are people actually this thrilled, delighted, and proud? And, even if they are, should that be the main point? Why are personal feelings used as the lead for virtually every important announcement these days? 

If you're feeling exposed right now, you're not alone. Even the best of us are not immune to the intoxicating allure of a boilerplate. In fact, a quick search of the word "thrilled" on LinkedIn supplied thousands of messages that were posted in just the last 24 hours. 

Thrilled to share!

Thrilled to announce!

Thrilled to partner! 




So, if you want to get better at talking about important milestones, mergers, partnerships, and projects (and let's face it, we all should), take a read of the newsletter for yourself. Filomena offers ways to approach announcement making that focus on why the news matters instead of merely how you feel about it. 

Plus, don't miss her tips for writing press releases that reporters will want to read and other expert communication advice (at the end of the newsletter). 

Until then, I'm thrilled to announce that this edition of B-mail is finished. Oh, and I'm humbled that you read it. Also, I'm proud to have you as a subscriber. Not to mention, delighted to...

You can unsubscribe all you want, we're still going to love you.
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