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August 2022

HiYa! So Glad You Are Here

July happened! I juggled between beach bumming, sailing, and writing. I am posting from the beach today. 

Writerly News

The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers is with the publisher and editor. I have a few tweaks to address, a postscript chapter to add, back flap description to finish—there’s still stuff to do.

We are aiming for an early November release. I will be looking for Launch Team groupies and ARC (advance reader copy) readers, SOON. Stay tuned for announcements and specials.  

Did you see the Cover Reveal and The Becoming America’s Stories Quick Clips?

Meet the Family

Meet the Goldbergs

Meet the Friends in the Tenement 

I am slowly learning how to create the video reels and post them. It’s another learning curve in my writer's journey. What do you think? Suggestions welcomed. 

Catching Up

Don’t worry if you missed any of July's Stories Served Around The Table blog posts, because I got them right here:

What Happened in June?

Meet the Goldbergs

Cover Reveal

Mid July Sunday Coffee Share

Meet the Friends in the Tenement

The Family Picnic/Clambake

Where on Long Island is Antoinette?

If you are in the neighborhood, come by and say HiYa!

*Red Jacket Bookstore, West Hampton Beach August 14th 1-3 pm

*Riverhead Farm Market, Riverhead August 19th 3-7 pm

*Long Island Breakfast Club  FBLive and YouTube    August 22nd 

*Lindenhurst Wednesdays on Wellwood, Wellwood Ave Lindenhurst, August 24th 3-7 pm

*Westhampton Beach Library Journal On! Workshop  October 14th 4 pm

If you are a teacher, librarian, or PTO chairperson searching for engaging and fun Meet the Author Bookish Events.

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That's it, Everyone. 

Tell me how your July panned out. What's happening in August? 

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Stay safe.

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