Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Community,

Please be advised that another application for a liquor licence in the Melville area was lodged with the Gauteng Liquor Board. 

This application is for a Pub licence at 27Boxes for the Countess. 

    It has been operating for a while and most of you know it has not been an easy experience with the accompanying noise as a result of unlawful activities, events hosted, and the traffic congestion/entirely blocking of 4th Ave at times.

    Please note a pub license means the business does not have to provide a meal with any alcohol – alcohol will thus be the main focus. This is not unique to The Countess. Residents who are concerned about these issues are encouraged to object – the Gauteng Liquor Board has the authority to decline a licence.

      The MRA will, as is the practice, lodge an objection – in this instance specifically as the application is flawed, the premises don’t allow for a pub, neither does the lease agreement, no compliance to prescriptive conditions for applications and other defects in the application.

      The deadline for objections to be lodged is 25 November 2021.

      Please review the applications and if you feel it deems an objection you can do so in your personal capacity.


      Those wishing to object must do so in writing, addressed to the Gauteng Liquor Board and not the Melville Residents’ Association.

      The draft objection of the MRA in respect of The Countess can be found here


      • Ensure that you supply your details correctly and
      • that the objection is signed and dated

      In view of COVID-19, please email your objection to the Liquor Board latest 25 November 2021 to and and refer to the relevant application

      The Countess: Application GLB 7000014601.

      Please copy the agent Raymond Mavuka on and the MRA on

      MRA Executive Committee
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